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What Should Be The Time-Span Of Your YouTube Video Intro?

YouTube, as we all know, is an online video sharing platform. It is one of the most significant subsidiaries of Google, which, on average, gets 1 billion views per day, and approximately thousands of new videos are being uploaded every minute.

Video makers most often stumble across the question of how long the intro of their YouTube video should be. What is the optimal time for which intros should last? How long before the intro of the video would become cumbersome?

These are a few very essential questions because it affects the attention of the viewers and also impacts the number of views your videos get.

So let me provide you with some key points that you should remember regarding these issues while you are editing your YouTube video.

1. The attention span of viewers

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As the days go by and the people are coming up with plenty of new social media platforms that make the users upload videos that last for much smaller time frames, it is actually in a way reducing the attention span of the users. YouTubers are looking for videos that will grasp their attention sooner. So the videos’ optimal time to make an impact on the viewers is around 15 to 20 seconds. But it also depends upon the type of video it is.

2. Reduction in the length of videos

A few years ago, small videos on YouTube had a time span that ranged from 8 to 10 minutes. So during that time, you could have let your videos have intros lasting up to 90 seconds. But now, in the era of Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and similar social media sites, the length of small videos have reduced. Nowadays, short videos last from 1 to 3 minutes. It makes the intros ideally last up to a maximum of 20 seconds.

3. Length of Intros and number of viewers are linked

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In the 21st century, everybody is looking for things that would make a more significant impact in a smaller time frame. Similarly, when YouTube users are surfing through it, they are looking for videos having the same agenda.

Statistically speaking, it has been seen that videos that have intros that last for more than 5 seconds get 50% less viewership. Maybe it might be because the intros weren’t exciting, but at around 5 seconds, viewers do stop watching that particular video. So it is recommended to delete details that are not required in the intro and make it as engaging as possible.

So in a way, the length of the intros impacts the number of views your videos get.

4. Use minimum content in your intros

The most effective way to reduce your intro’s duration is to minimize the material you use in your intros. By using too much, it would make your video clumsy and drive away your viewers. Your video has 15 seconds to make sure that your viewers are interested enough to watch the entire video.


5. Determine the length of the intro based upon the content

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It is not a hard and fast rule that intros have to last for 15 to 20 seconds. Be practical about the way you approach making your intros. For example, you are uploading content based upon the life and career of a famous personality. If your intro lasts for more than the average period of grasping the attention of the viewers, you won’t lose out on the number of views. On the other hand, if you are making an EDM video and you end up making your intros too long, you would lose out on viewers before your actual content even begins.

6. Check your viewer retention time span

Before uploading your video on YouTube or any social media platform for that matter, make sure you know how long the intros of the videos made by other video makers on the same idea and issues are. Check for viewer engagement and the statistics of those videos. It can prevent you from making common mistakes with your intros and help you make necessary changes to your intros.

So what should be your approach while making intros for your videos?

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Firstly, get hold of an intro maker that you can work with efficiently like Invideo. Secondly, trim out unnecessary information and content from your videos and get a good grasp of what you want your intros to showcase. In addition to these, study the viewer’s engagement of other videos of a similar kind.

Furthermore, don’t make intros too fancy and elaborate. Keep your intros short and straightforward. You must not be afraid to experiment with the features of your intro maker. And most importantly, put in an extra effort in your intro as it can make or break the impact that your video can have on YouTube.


I hope this article provides you a solution to the doubts you might have regarding how long the intro of your video should be. Making intros for a video through YouTube intro maker is a fascinating thing. By looking into the statistics of your video, you can understand the impact your video is making, what the viewers are looking for and what kind of changes you would need to make in the intro of your video before uploading it on YouTube. Following these key points regarding your intros can help your videos make an impact on the YouTubers.

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