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7 Most Common Gambling Superstitions in 2024

Whether you like gambling more or less, we will all agree that this is a very fun activity. Sometimes we have so much fun that we can spend hours doing this activity, it can become an interesting routine with friends or something like that. When we get a little more involved in this activity, adopt some habits and rituals, we can become very superstitious.

Most superstitions come from people who are gambling, which can often be heard among friends who have been having fun in this way for a long time. We create some situations in our own heads, so over time, we become cautious when it comes to our actions – also a consequence of superstition. However, there are a number of myths that are generally known to all those who gamble.

In the following text, we will list some of the most popular ones and write something more about each one. It is up to you to conclude how much they are real and how much they can actually affect gambling. Anyway, check them out, who knows, maybe that can help you win money.

These are the following superstitions that will seem ridiculous and meaningless to many, while gamblers consider it very important…

1.Unlucky numbers

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Although the number 13 probably comes to mind first, it is not the only number that is considered unlucky. The number 13 is deeply rooted in Western culture as a number that brings bad luck. The belief for number 13 is so old that it goes back as far as the Bible and the 13th guest at the Last Supper which was Judas, and the Code of Hammurabi which didn’t have 13th law. But in some other parts of the world, it is some other numbers. For example, in China, it is number 4, because it sounds similar to the word death. In Chinese culture, 8 is considered happy, because it also sounds similar to another word, but this time positive. For all these reasons, it often happens that the casino does not have table number 13 or hotel room number 13 and the like.

2. Counting money in front of others

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No real gambler will ever do this. Counting money in front of all the other players at the table is considered a safe way to lose all that money you have. Even if you are not superstitious, you should never do this because it is very rude and it seems like you want to show others how much money you have. Don’t even do it when the game is over and the other players are still present. In addition to being rude, it is also believed that it will bring you bad luck the next time you play.

3. Do not cross your leg

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No matter how long they play and how tired you are, gamblers will never cross their legs. It is believed that this move will take away all your good luck. It is very difficult not to cross your legs because we all do it regularly, but everyone tries not to do it while playing roulette or some other game. However, it is believed that crossing something else will bring you a fortune. And that’s crossing fingers, a well-known thing that all people do when they want to attract good luck, not just gamblers. Otherwise, even if you play online casinos, do not cross your legs.

4. Red color

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The color red is a sign of good luck, so this is not a superstition that is only associated with gamblers but is generally considered as a good sign. That belief originated in China but is now widespread throughout the world. As for gamblers, they think they should wear something red on themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of clothing or a bracelet, it matters that you have something red. Research also shows that players are more likely to play red at roulette than black. Casinos use this by often arranging entire rooms in red, in order to attract as many people as possible. Whoever bets on a sport likes when a team or player bets is wearing a red jersey. As you can see on ufa.bet, many teams have red jerseys like Liverpool.

5. Entering the wrong entrance

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This is one of the strangest superstitions. Many do not want to enter the front entrance of the casino because they think it will bring them bad luck. And how exactly does it work? By meeting all those who go out and have lost their money, so bad fortune will pass on to them. So they try to find some side entrance to avoid it. This superstition is thought to have originated at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. There, the front door was in the shape of a lion, which is not strange, considering that we all know that the lion is a symbol of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company. However, many thought that the lion would eat them in that way, or better to say their good luck, and they did not want to enter there. It was such a widespread belief, that they eventually changed the door.

6. Look the other way

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While this means that for a moment you won’t know what exactly is going on at the table, which sounds like a bad idea, yet many think it’s necessary to look the other way to win money. Some even leave the table for a few seconds and come back.

7. Itchy hands

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Depending on the part of the world where you are or where you come from, this can mean both good and bad luck. In some parts of the world, if your palms or hands itch, it is considered that you will certainly get money. On the other hand, in some other countries, it means you will lose money. And there are places where it depends on which palm is itching. One palm means to gain and the other loss of money.


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We hope you had fun reading these interesting superstitions, and maybe you found yourself in some situations. Either way, there’s no need to focus on something you can’t control. Our advice is to focus exclusively on your game because gambling is primarily a source of entertainment. Make sure you stay in that mood and nothing spoils it for you.

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