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7 Most Popular Sporting Events in the World for Gambling

What is the favourite pastime of someone who loves sports? Probably grabbing a bottle of beer and sitting on a couch in front of a TV to enjoy their favourite matches. While this may sound like the perfect way to spend your weekend or end the day, there exists a manner to sweeten the plan a little bit – by doing sports gambling!

But if you’re just getting started with gambling, you might wonder which occasions to gamble on. If that is the case, don’t worry because we have shortlisted a few of the most famous sporting affairs around the globe for gambling. Keep scrolling to review the list.

NBA Championship Series

Img source: nba.com

NBA is famous as the greatest sports occasion in the United States. It is a seven-match sequence wherein the globe’s top basketball players engage in a clash to bring the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy home. Millions of people worldwide make profits by risking their cash on this series. If you are fortunate enough, even you can unite with those millions of people.

If you are a basketball fanatic and fresh to sports betting, NBA Championship Series is the best competition for you to begin with.

Super Bowl

Img source: pexels.com

It is regarded as the most loved sporting affair conducted yearly in America. With over a hundred million individuals eyeing the affair from their smartphone or TV screen or live, Super Bowl persists to expand. According to the AGA, in 2020, around $7 billion was gambled on a match between San Fransico and Kansas City Chiefs.

The reason America’s largest sporting occasion is so intriguing is the spectacular gambles allowing on the halftime play, coin toss, and federal anthem. Keeping the conventional point spread and stakes aside, it is vital to note that support stakes and exotics make a notable part of the handle. A few sportsbooks have even delivered around 600 extra props for the Chiefs-49ers.

MLB Championship Series

Img source: pexels.com

Another major championship to risk your funds on is the MLB Championship Series. It is also a seven-match string where the players have numerous chances to place their wagers. There are no accurate figures for the number of gambles put in the course of the event. However, in 2017, the sportsbook in Nevada reported there were about $1.1 billion risked on baseball.

Since the last rounds of the baseball matches are the most-watched and gambled, share arrived via them. In 2019, Jim Mattress Mack McIngvale gambled $3.5 million on the Astros. It is by far the biggest stake ever born by an American bookmaker.

Kentucky Derby

Img source: pexels.com

We know that horse racing might not be the first occasion to strike your senses when pondering the games to put your chances on. However, it is worth shortlisting on your list because many individuals often misjudge the scope of this affair. You’d be surprised to learn that millions of funds are risked year after year on this game for earning profits.

The inclusion of digital wagering has added to the gross rise in the revenue generated from stakes and the population of gambling enthusiasts. In 2019, Kentucky Derby drew approximately $250.9 million in gamblers worldwide.

NFL Championship Game

Img source: unsplash.com

If you are a football player or someone who loves observing the competition, it should not astonish you that NFL Championship is counted among the best and highly famous affairs to risk your funds. Since it is the most-loved gaming affair globally, it is not surprising that individuals take the chance of placing chunks of funds in it to earn huge profits.

According to AGA, in 2018, Americans gambled around $4.76 billion in this crown. While it may seem like a startling number, it is vital to note that 97% of the total sum was risked beneath the table. However, there is yet some astounding digit of gambles at legal venues. In the year 2017, during  the Big Game, Nevada witnessed an amount of $138.48 million in wagers.

World Cup

Img source: fifpro.org

Soccer is not a famous sport worldwide, but who hates making some cash out of it? According to the 2018 reports, during the entire affair, approximately three billion people actively watched all the 64 events. The viewers risked a significant sum of cash on the occasions, amounting to placing $136 billion stakes throughout the contest. In the final game alone, people gambled about $7.2 billion.

Although gambling in a sports affair is legitimate globally, in the 2024 Men’s World Cup, it will be the foremost time Americans will have the chance of wagering lawfully on the World Cup.

NCAA Basketball Tournament

Img source: ncaa.com

Since NCAA Basketball Tournament is a popular sporting affair, it is not surprising to learn that it is the ultimate sports wager to test today. In 2019, the American Gambling Association (AGA) reported that around $8.5 billion were spent by Americans on stakes. Moreover, one in every five grown-ups concluded risking their money in the longing of earning gains.

It is vital to remember that a majority of the funds arrived from gambling on brackets, and all of it was not legal. The AGA reported that about 2.4 million individuals placed an illegal wager with a bookie, while around 5.2 million gambled digitally via an illegitimate offshore website. But you can legitimately do things by gambling funds at a lawful sportsbook and making money by picking the right bracket.

Parting Words

To some people, gambling in sports might seem like the most immoral thing to do as you begin seeing it in a different light. But if practised within limits, gambling can give you many reasons to binge-watch all types of sports – from football to boxing, basketball, horse racing, and baseball while earning some extra cash.

On this page, you can find some additional sporting events to gamble. If you’re looking for more events to stake the funds on, you may check out Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Melbourne Cup, Grand National, Boxing, and March Madness.

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