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6 Ways to Know If Your Sportsbook is Licensed

Whether we wanted to admit it or no, sports betting is a huge part of our lives. There is that something in taking those odds and trying to bet them in your favour.

Betting is something we do daily, sometimes we notice it sometimes we don’t, but real betting takes place online or on the site of a particular game. The online world has started to dominate our lives which is why we all moved our affairs there, and this includes betting. Some say it is really hard to find a good and decent bookie that won’t leave you hanging when you need them the most.

The online world is shady and sometimes creepy, with almost anyone that has the know-how are trying to get some easy money which is why there are so many problems in online betting. If you want your online betting experience to go without a hitch you have to find an online sportsbook that is trustworthy, with a long and good standing history, that has the best odds and what is the most important to all the players there, that the payouts are quick and clean. 

The article today will help you notice some things that will help in choosing this kind of the sportsbook and you will learn about all the things that will help you know that the bookie you opted for is a legitimate one. The one that you shouldn’t miss in any way is the top-kladionica.com. Now for the tell-tale signs that you have a keeper sportsbook.

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Every sportsbook, online or no, has to be licensed accordingly. Some things are a bit different when it comes to the online world and you need to know them and look for them. There is no doubt that you will find sportsbooks that will have the words “Licensed to Operate” all over their website while those shady ones will go deep into TaC or Terms and Conditions and try to hide them as best as they know. This should be your first red flag and if you do not see the licensing link anywhere run and don’t look back. Having a license is a big deal because that license guarantees you and everyone else using their services, that the sportsbook is opened to audits from anyone else besides the internal auditors. This will add a layer of security and help you be secure with your bets and payouts. 


Bonuses are the usual marketing schemes to get you to visit and stay at a certain sportsbook or casino or any other site that deals with wagers. Sometimes these bonuses are a bit more on the “too good to be true” side while in most cases legit bookies offer normal bonuses to draw you in or to nudge you to stay a bit longer. If there are some wild bonuses and if the bookie is practically handing out free cash something stinks there and you should reconsider giving them your business. Always look at few sportsbooks before deciding because you will get a clearer image of what is a normal bonus and what is wildly throwing money around. The other thing is always read the terms you must fulfil to be eligible for a certain bonus because all of them don’t come on the same terms.

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Book-to-book transfers

Most sportsbooks will allow you to transfer your money from one book to another, and this should be considered normal behaviour. If the sportsbook you opted for does not do that try and figure out why. If they meet all the previous terms but don’t allow for this check their Terms and Conditions because there might be something there. There could also be those that suddenly stop allowing these book-to-book transfers and it should be considered as suspicious behaviour because there are few things that can cause that and the biggest reason is that other sportsbooks don’t want to deal with them because of some suspicious things in the past. Keep an eye on that as well. 

Customer service

This, besides the license, is probably a no-brainer. Every company, bookie, or any other online business that deals with a lot of registrations, payouts, cash, credit card deposits or any other form of money going in or out must have customer service. Yes, there are a lot of people that know how to pay money online but there are probably many of those that will make some silly mistake that will end up costing them dearly. For those kinds of things, and others like complaints, late payouts or no payouts at all, you have to have customer service that is always available. If there isn’t one then run like hell because you will do nothing but lose all your money one way or the other. 

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Account problems

On a legit sportsbook, you shouldn’t have a lot of problems with your account. Some people used these for years and never had a hitch, while on the other hand there were people who went with unlicensed sportsbooks and were constantly having issues with their accounts in a form of almost constant audits of the account or delays in their withdrawals. This is something that should rarely happen unless you haven’t drawn some unwanted attention to your account and the way you make your bets

We know that almost no one reads these unless there is a problem at hand, but you should read the TaC section and at least familiarize yourself with the basics. Why are we advising this? Well, some shady sportsbooks will use the TaC to add in some terms that will be used retroactively on you or your account. This should not be a normal thing and any legit sportsbook with a license and a long-term operation would not be so sneaky and backstabbing to their clients. The Terms and Conditions can’t be retroactively used against you and they can’t change things when it suits them and call on the TaC. If you start receiving less money and payouts because of a change in their TaC this is your sign t walk away because those are some scammy people you are dealing with. 

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