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4 Differences Between Mobile and Desktop Casinos

The development of digital services affected the gambling industry in many ways, especially when it comes to online gambling platforms. While land casinos are the most popular option for people interested in placing higher bets, the online platforms became much more attractive to people with less experience in gambling. The websites offer various advantages when compared to land-based casinos, such as the convenience, selection of games, bonus rewards, and more.

The first online gambling platforms were introduced during the 90s and since then, the developers are implementing the most recent updates to provide players with an improved experience. Also, the development of mobile devices had a huge effect on the popularity of these websites. Nowadays, you can play games on both PC and smartphone.

However, the expansion of websites and games that you can play led to great competition between various companies in this branch. Therefore, you should learn more about some important factors that could help you to avoid potential scams, or to find casinos with higher return rates, a better selection of games, improved payment options, and more. If you are interested in a platform where you can use both an e-wallet and credit card and find a great selection of games, you can play on Playamo here.

Furthermore, while many of these websites allow users to play games on different devices, there are some major differences between PC and mobile phones. Each of these options has some benefits and downsides, and we are going to introduce you to the main differences between them.

1. Screen Size

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Even though some of the most popular flagship phones have bigger screens that allow improved transparency, the main advantage of a PC is that you can play games on a big screen, which can improve the experience even more. Therefore, everything is more clearly and easier while you play. Also, many people find it much easier to play with the mouse, especially when it comes to poker or roulette which requires more than just clicking the start button. Nevertheless, we have to mention the ability to play different games at the same time. For example, you can open your favorite slot game, and put it on auto-play while playing poker or any other game. That might improve your chances to make a profit.

2. Convenience

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On the other side, the main reason why mobile phones are the most attractive option for gamblers is the fact that you can play wherever you are. For example, gambling is a great source of entertainment for many people while they are driving on the bus, or having a lunch break at work. You can do that with the laptop as well, but it much simpler with a smaller device like a mobile phone or tablet. Nevertheless, the downside is that you have to pay attention to signal and battery, especially while playing table games where you could lose in case that you have issues with signal or empty battery.

3. User Interface and Graphic Quality

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The big difference between PC and mobile phones is related to user interface and graphics. While mobile apps are becoming better over time, the desktop version can provide users with a much better gaming experience. The animations, motions, graphics, and many other features appear much more enjoyable on PC. Also, when it comes to games like poker, scraps, and many others rather than slots, people find it much easier and convenient while playing them on PC. Even the animations in slots appear more attractive as well.

4. Control

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It is very important to choose websites where you can play games from the most popular developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and others, since they are implementing the most recent features and allow you to enjoy more while playing them on your smartphone. The controls are improved when you use a PC, but popular apps allow players to have a similar experience on smartphones. However, you should avoid playing games in the browser of your phone since apps offer improved interface, speed, and control.


Both choices have some pros and cons. For instance, the desktop version of online gambling provides you with the ability to choose from a wider selection of games. Also, the experience can be improved when you are playing on the big screen. Also, a lot of people find it attractive to play several games at once and have better chances to win. The main advantage is that you can select several progressive slots where the chances are improving over time, and there is a jackpot prize as well. On the other side, the main issue is related to mobility since you will have to sit in front of the screen all the time while playing.

On the other side, mobile platforms are the most popular option today, and the main reason for that is the convenience since it is much more comfortable when you can play games while lying in bed or during lunch. Also, the expansion of these platforms brings a high rivalry on the market, which affects the developers to improve the design and implement new features that can affect the experience of gaming.

The gambling industry is constantly improving by introducing new features and games. One of the most popular options that made online gambling platforms so popular in the first place is the marketing strategy where you can get free betting funds after registration and your first deposit. In some cases, that bonus can be two or three times bigger than the amount you have deposited. Also, we have to mention the option to place a deposit with an e-wallet.

Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular in recent years, and if you choose this option, there is a chance for even higher profit over time if the selected cryptocurrency becomes more valuable. Besides that, developers are implementing AI and virtual reality to make the experience even closer to the one that you can have while playing in a land casino.

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