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The Relationship Between Oral and General Health

Few things might charm both a person and a crowd in a way that a beautiful smile can do it. There are at least prerequisites for a smile to generate that kind of power; a sincere emotion behind it and bright and shiny crystally white teeth for which you could say they might glow in the dark. While we cannot affect the segment of honesty, we surely can make an impact on our dental hygiene and do our best to treat our teeth as well as we can. After all, the condition of your teeth might both reflect on your general health, and be the reflection on how healthy you are. Therefore, read the following lines and learn in which oral health influences the rest of your body and vice versa.

Bad Breath

We all know how easy it is to assume that someone who has a bad breath does not take care of their oral hygiene. Surely, this presumption might be true, since neglecting dental care will definitely leave some trace on someone’s breath quality. On the other hand, the problem might be more serious than it appears in the first place, and several potential issues might cause this particular unpleasantness.

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Stomach Issues

A bad breath could be coming through the mouth, but it does not mean that it originates from the oral cavity. Namely, a bad breath could be the symptom of numerous digestion problems, so if you notice something is wrong with your breath and you are sure that you are doing everything you can to maintain ideal oral hygiene, you should check if everything is alright with your stomach. Increased stomach acid might cause various chemical reactions that might affect the quality of your breath, which you should check as soon as you notice since it might be a harbinger of a much bigger digestion problem.

Tongue Area

Opinions on tongue brushing upon finishing with your teeth are divided. While some support the idea of thoroughly cleaning it with a toothbrush, others stay away from it and are conspirators against this practice. What we should emphasize is that any tongue is home to numerous bacteria. Some of them are good and help you in the digestion process, and some of them might be bad and might cause not solely bad breath, but they can also indicate more serious health issues.

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Eating Habits

Some say that you are what you eat, and while we are not sure about the saying, we are positive that it will affect your breath. Thus, pay attention to what groceries you consume and figure out which of them should you potentiate in order to improve your breath.

Bleeding Gums

One of the most common alarming symptoms that something with your oral health is not right reflects in bleeding gums. There are numerous reasons why gums might bleed, and they range from barely worth mentioning to extremely serious, so if you notice something with your gums does not feel right, you should contact your dentist and here you can read about how to find the best one. Since bleeding gums might also be the main culprit of bad breath, they might indicate something else is wrong with your general health.

When we talk about sporadic bleeding, we should highlight it might be caused by an inappropriate toothbrush or even by overaggressive toothbrushing. Even though these easy-to-fix issues might seem irrelevant, they can quickly evolve to something more serious if one does not act in time. On the other hand, gum bleeding might be the consequence of serious oral conditions such as periodontitis or even tooth gangrene, which could endanger your general health easily. Not only could you lose your teeth if you do not treat the issue immediately, but constant bleeding might cause additional damage to your heart and kidneys if it ends up in your stomach.

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Dental Stains

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, you cannot have a perfect smile without perfectly white teeth, so if you notice you have dental stains, we advise you do something about it as soon as you can so your oral health does not deteriorate. Yet again, dental stains might be the consequence of poor oral hygiene, but they can also indicate something that you consume or do to your body does not bring you any good. Namely, too much alcohol and cigarettes might affect your mouth pH. If your saliva cannot regulate it, an atmosphere ideal for oral health issues arises and further complications follow. Also, if you tend to maintain a healthy lifestyle but you face the problem of dental stains, you might want to reassert your diet habits, since deficiency of certain minerals, such as calcium, might cause your teeth to lose their whiteness.

Food and Teeth Decay

Your body is composed of multiple systems functioning together in the form of symbiosis. Therefore, although they might appear to function separately, they are dependent on one another. The primitive fuel enters through the oral cavity and later decomposes into smaller particles that the body can use. Now, if the fuel gets stuck in the mouth, it will continue to decompose and compromise the natural atmosphere of the mouth and endanger further processes.

Fortunately, stomach acid is capable of handling almost anything that it faces, but the catch is that teeth are not that comfortable with sticking to leftovers for too long. Therefore, try to treat your mouth adequately after finishing a meal as soon as possible, either by brushing or flossing your teeth. If you make sure there are no leavings, you will minimalize the chance of your teeth suffering from teeth decay and similar dental issues, and you will indirectly make sure the rest of your general health is not compromised.

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Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information will make you pay more attention to how carefully you maintain oral hygiene, but also raise your awareness of how different body systems are dependent on one another. Thus, make sure you monitor the situation in your mouth and act in a timely matter to prevent any serious issues from arising.

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