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32 Incredible Ways Of Creating Beauty Out Of Things You Are Finding Ways To Get Rid Of

Before you throw away your old things and regret later, read this. There is an emotional value for everything that you own or you once owned but what if you never have to throw away things you are emotionally attached to but don’t know what to do with them anymore?

1. Classy pendant lamps made out of old glass bottles (most probably liquor bottles).

All you need is – a glass cutter, hot glue, stable hanging sticks that are heavy enough to hold the bottles and of course, you need yellow bulbs (please no LED lights).

2. Turn your old bath tub into a sofa couch.

You can do wonders with old things. If you’re remaking your bathroom, don’t throw away your old bathtub, recycle it. Cut it into half and get pretty cushions, mattresses, legs, etc. to make a beautiful color combination with your bathtub.

3. Old drums turned into a unique chandelier.

Look at the guy above and below working on it and follow their foot steps. If you’re a music lover, this chandelier will reflect your personality in a jiffy. Do not throw your old drum set away because it can get emotionally draining.

4. Wooden fence decorated with colourful glass marbles.

If you have preserved these glass marbles since your childhood years, it’s time you make use of them by making your home’s wooden fence look more private by decorating it with these marbles. The fence will look outstanding when the sunlight reflects on these marbles.

5. Use loads and loads of hangers to construct this room divider.

If you have a lot of time in your hands and you are creative like that, buy loads of hangers or collect all the (colorful) hangers you have decided to dispose of over the years and create this spellbinding masterpiece. It is a room divider that was actually constructed by two Portuguese designers -Diogo Agular and Teresa Otta.

6. Use car tires in the most distinguished ways possible.

Your tire got spoilt or punctured or you see tires thrown around your house A LOT? Don’t throw them away because you’ll lose out on an opportunity to recycle them. You just have to color these tires to make them look personal and funky. After that, you can just go on filling whatever you want to in these tires depending upon how you want to use them – stool chair, dustbin or as flower pots in the garden.

7. Turn hats into lamps.

If you’ve been gifted caps or you already own caps that you don’t wear, get a little creative with them. Don’t waste them.

8. And you can even make a lamp with disposable spoons.

Following is all you need to create the above-displayed beauty:

9. Folding chairs can be turned into shelves and closet.

This one was hard to imagine. But from the look of it, it’s as easy as it can get. You just need strong screws and a drilling machine to create the holes for screws to hang the folding chairs.

10. Convert Old computer CPUs into a fascinating mail box.

11. CD/DVD tower case turned into a portable bagel holder.

12. Transform old black and white television set into an aquarium.

You will see many of these lying in the junkyards, pick up the best and turn it into something so gorgeous.

13. Clock created out of a bike wheel.

This will need a little more handwork with fixing battery etc. But, you can always take help and create so much out of nothing.

14. Old newspaper junk made into a flower pencil stand.

This is as easy to make as it looks – just some dexterity at rolling newspapers in different shapes and sizes.

15. Bottle cap turned into cool tea light.

Even glass bottle sealed cap can be used as tea light. In fact, that looks way prettier.

16. Used light bulbs reused as oil lamps.

The way they stand make them look even more unique.

17. Toilet paper tubes used for organising cords and wires.

18. Old denim jeans and belt used for making handbag.

The only extra work needed in this is some skill in stitching.

19. Bend wrenches and use them as wall hooks.

20. Soft drink bottles made into snack bowls.

After looking at this, I’m sure you’re thinking of similar looking bowls you own. Yes, that’s how they’re made and you should try making them too.

21. Useless/expired membership cards turned into useful guitar pics.

22. Old guitar turned into a classy decorative shelf.

Your love for music never allows you to throw the instruments you once owned, this is a fascinating way of preserving your love for life.

23. Vintage briefcase turned into wall mounted cupboard.

24. And an awesome comfortable chair.

25. Make shelves with some really old books.

This is by far the craziest and the coolest idea to recycle old things.

26. A favourite cassette you don’t want to throw away, turn it into a hep purse.

27. A discarded piano tuned into a fountain.

28. An office made out of a bus cabin.

Just always be on a look out for such things like an old or a discarded bus.

29. Handsome wooden tennis rackets converted into (sporty) wall mirrors.

30. Twist and turn old wooden ladders to produce a prolific bookshelf.

31. Some ingenious art added to a bicycle makes this sink.

32. Another discarded piano can make for a luxuriant bookshelf.

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