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8 Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During Winter

Who doesn’t love winters? Winter is the season when anyone wants to feel relaxed and cozy soon after getting into the house. But winter always comes with several problems. And the most important among them is cleaning your house. Cleaning the house in the winter season can be hectic as well as a challenging task.

Moreover, the air of your house would get infected in winter. This is because cold weather doesn’t allow you to open the doors and windows of your house. As a result, the air in your house can get worse. Now you might be thinking about how to keep your house clean in this situation? Don’t worry! You have landed at the right place.

Let us enlighten all the pro tips that will help you in cleaning your house as well as refreshing the air of your house. Let’s jump into the article to know more about cleaning in winter.

1. Cleaning Your Windows

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The first and the most important task in winter cleaning is cleaning your windows. The winter comes with a blue hue, which seems pleasant to the eyes. But dirty or snowy windows can snatch your chance of a good sighting. But don’t worry! If you clean your windows with any freeze-resistant cleaner, the snow won’t interrupt you again.

There are many more methods to clean your windows during winter. But of course, if you own a building or live in a big house, cleaning windows in winter is not as easy as it seems. With big things come big risks. And if you are still confused about how to clean your building windows, it is better to go for any good window cleaning services instead of doing it yourself, You can find out the best services provided by Laborpanes based on your locations, such services help you in cleaning your windows in the best possible way.

2. Taking Proper Care of HVAC

The next tip is to take care of your HVAC. It is considered one of the most important tasks in winter cleaning. In winter, it is vital to replace your air filters and clean your duct and vents. According to the guidelines, you should replace your air filters every 3 months. But in the season where you overused your ACs, then you must replace them more often.

Cleaning or replacing your HVAC system will ensure the cleansing of your air. Moreover, it will remove all the allergens and germs gathered all year long. So to keep your house air disinfectant, you must take proper care of your HVAC.

3. Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Source: pexels.com

Now moving towards your kitchen. It is another most important part to be cleaned in winter. To make your kitchen cleaning easier, we have maintained the checklist for you. Let’s have a look at it.

  • Empty all your cabinets and drawers
  • Dust them with a duster or you can also use a wet cloth in case of any hard stain.
  • If you are having glossy cabinets, then try to use any glass cleaner or wood cleaner to keep the shine intact.
  • After cleaning your cabinets and drawers, organize them in the best way. Try to arrange things according to your needs. The most needed one should be at the front.

Winter is also an ideal time for cleaning and rearranging your pantry. For pantry cleaning, follow these steps.

  • Empty your pantry.
  • Clean and dust off the cabinets
  • Rearrange the entire stock
  • After re-arranging the stock, get rid of the expired items.
  • Trash out all the servers, that are no longer usable. For example, the ones with broken or lost lids, etc.
  • Also, clean the vents and chimney to efficiently get rid of the cooking smell.

4. Cleaning the Fridge from Backside

Another thing to consider while winter cleaning is cleaning the backside of your fridge. As the snow comes with moisture and dust, it is vital to clean the backside of your fridge at least once a year. Remove your fridge from its place and then clean the dirt from the walls and floor. After cleaning them, clean the coils of the refrigerator too.

Cleaning the coils will help you in regaining the energy efficiency of your refrigerator. Moreover, cleaning the coils will help you in maximizing the lifespan of your fridge. But always remember to unplug your fridge before cleaning it. This is the most important step in regards to your safety.

5. Cleaning the Ceiling Fans

Now let’s move toward the ceiling fans. Ceiling fans often catch all the dirt and moisture in the air. As a result, the blades of the fan become dirty and black. Moreover, in winter when these fans are idle, they collect dust on their upper space. You can’t even see the dirt on that side.

In this regard, you would require a ladder or a high stool to clean these ceiling fans. After reaching the ceiling fan, take a wet sponge and clean all the dust particles from above the fan. But do you want to know the much easier way to clean these blades?

Take an old pillow cover, and cover the blades of your fan. After covering the blade, pull the cover back gently and slowly. And Hurray! All the dust particles would be collected in the pillowcase. This will prevent the dust from falling onto the floor or your furniture.

Moreover, to get rid of this cleaning, try to cover these fan blades with plastic wraps all winter long. This will prevent dust from settling onto the fan’s blades.

6. Sweeping the Chimney

Another part that needs your attention is the chimney. Cleaning your chimney will prevent you from the risk of a chimney fire. Moreover, sweeping the chimney will ensure that the air in your house is clean and healthy. There are many ways to cleaning the chimney. But if you are not sure about cleaning it, it is vital to hire a professional for this purpose.

7. Vacuuming the Carpets

Source: pexels.com

Cleaning and vacuuming the carpets can play a vital role to keep your house clean and healthy in winter. Cleaning the carpets not only gives your house a clean look but is also necessary to avoid any health issues.

Dust particles on carpets can be a big hazard for asthmatic and allergic patients and cause severe health issues. To avoid any such problem, make sure to vacuum your carpets daily.

In winter, your carpets get the hard stains of mud combined with the snow. Don’t let the stain be set permanently. We recommend you vacuum the carpets once a month to avoid any hard stains or mud on your carpets.

8. Cleaning Your Gutters

Source: unsplash.com

The next tip is to clean your gutters. The gutters may freeze in winter if you live in a region with a very cold atmosphere. To clean them first you need to unfreeze them by pouring hot water into your gutters. The freezing gutters are the most prominent indicator of clogged gutters.

There is one more reason for freezing gutters. It may be due to the snow entering your gutter. This may cause you many problems. So it is vital to clean out your gutters efficiently. You can do it by yourself too by many methods. But if you are not sure about it. It is recommended to have professionals for gutter cleaning services.

The professionals will help you in a better way. They may install gutter guards to prevent your gutter from freezing.

Final Thoughts

Deep cleaning your house after winter can be great therapy for your mind and the body. A clean and bright house affects your mood most surprisingly. You must consider all the tips mentioned above to deep clean your house after winter. Deep cleaning is different from standard cleaning because it involves more than just dusting and mopping. It requires a detailed approach to ensure every area is thoroughly cleaned. Visit Cleaners Joy for more info includes vacuuming carpets, cleaning window sills , scrubbing countertops, and sanitizing bathroom fixtures.

Moreover, we understand that some of us don’t have much time to deep clean our houses. In this regard, you can hire any professional help to clean your house efficiently.

Happy Cleaning!

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