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27 Imperative Things You Experience During Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner and you’ve already started planning your ‘fasting goals’ Well, believe it or not…whatever you do …wherever you go, these experiences will always be the same. Let the Hunger Games begin!

1. Initially, you think this whole month will be a piece of cake .

You’re all geared up…

2. So what if it’s in summer and everything is just unbearably hot and humid? I mean c’mon, you’ve had years of experience fasting right!

3. You make it a point to refrain yourself from any kind of social networking or internet use.

4. You immediately change your relationship status


5. Even though you find it difficult, you try to be nice to everyone

6. Even the ones you would rather beat silly to death

7. When you step into the kitchen…you step right out and your body performs it like a reflex action every time this happens.

8. Food? What food? You adopt the ‘Not looking but occasionally sneaking” look!

9. You think ignorance is bliss.

10. There comes a point where you wish you were born as a camel: at least you could store water for hours in your body…if not weeks!

11. You distract yourself by keeping yourself busy all day.

12. You treat the “Lower your gaze” rule as the 11th commandement!

13. Ramadan becomes a good time for your weight loss program to kick in!

14. You decide to make Suhoor for the first day…and that means grocery shopping!

Suhoor refers to the meal consumed early in the morning, before the sun rises, by Muslims before fasting.

15. Waking up your family members for Suhoor seems like a mission that even the CIA would forfeit!

16. You realize you’ve wasted half of the Suhoor time sleeping and the other half moaning…and there’s very little time left:

17. When you walk into class that day, you’re paranoid and your first words are :

18. Then your gym teacher makes you run miles, although he knows your fasting!

19. And you’re like…

20. You’re angry and words start to slip out.

But you control yourself somehow…

21. Days start feeling longer than they actually are.

You feel like its been ages since you last ate!

22. And you’re like…Are we there yet?

23. You try and watch Game of Thrones…

And then over react :

24. By the end of the fast you’re like..


25. And when its finally Iftar time…well:

26. And as soon as Iftar ends you’re like:

27. And by the end of the day, you’re back to where you started.

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