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Hilarious Captions Finally Reveal What People In Old Paintings Are Really Thinking

WTF Renaissance is a project that pairs hilarious captions to old paintings, adding context to the scene and giving us an idea of what each subject is thinking.

Craig prayed that his recent online purchases would arrive in plain packaging.

On behalf of the band, Pam had to break the news to Sarah that she was the ‘Ringo’.

As Francis patiently modeled for his girlfriend’s Etsy store, he reminisced fondly about his bachelor days.

Eddie had great pegs and could rock a pair of white tights, but it didn’t make up for the fact he was dead inside.

It was becoming evident that nothing could disguise the disastrous home perm.

Mildred had not yet perfected “smiling with teeth”.

Matilda felt for sure she’d beat that bitch Essie for Best Medium Floral Arrangement at the Easter Show this year.

Despite her initial reservations, Bridget’s lace neck brace had been the talk of Fashion Week.

Melinda was constantly rubbing her medal in everyone’s face. No one had the heart to tell her it was made of chocolate, and compound chocolate at that.

They’d once known love. Now their only bond was a love of oversized white collars and awkward hand holding.

Well if you can think of a better place to store your towels then I would like to hear it.

The novelty of the little unicorn goat had worn off. Daphne could no longer deny that all she wanted was a human baby.

I bought this gold upper arm band, and then that bitch Stacey went and got the exact same one. Why is she so in love with me, omfg. My hair looks sick today tho, rite.

Gerry tried to explain the original Poké Ball to Marcus, but the mechanics were beyond him.

Falling for one of the perils of mixed media, Nadia had accidentally glued her hand to the side of her head.

Next time we’re invited to a party, we meet up beforehand to discuss what hats we’re all wearing. I’m so embarrassed

And sometimes there are no words…

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