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39 Mind-Blowing Images That Will Redefine Your Movie Experience Forever

This sneak peak provides you an experience like you’ve never felt before. These images will make you live every awesome moment of your favorite movies in the making and stars getting candid and crazy. You’re in for a treat!

1. Boris Karloff takes a snack break, Frankenstein, (1931)


2. Heath Ledger in the opening scene of The Dark Knight, (2008)


3. Filming an Old Spice Commercial in one take.



4. Leonardo DiCaprio takes a ‘director’s eye view’ on the sets of Django Unchained, (2012)

5. Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter poses with stunt double Jeannie Epper.


6. Natalie Wood and James Dean go crazy weird on the set of Rebel Without A Cause, (1955)


7. Tom Cruise and Don Simpson share a moment of profanity, Top Gun, (1986)


8. Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson get cozy during the shoot of Chinatown, (1974)


9. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint meeting for the first time for the filming of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


10. Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio create a new world on the set of Inception, (2011)


11. Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks on the set of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.


12. Eleanor Parker and Richard Haydn go dolphin on the set of The Sound of Music.


13. Haruo Nakajima and Momoko Kochi on the set of Godzilla.


14. Anthony Perkins feeling lucky during a shoot for Psycho, (1960)


15. Hugo Weaving…well…picking a head! The Matrix Revolutions, (2003)


16. Jim Henson and friends bring Bert and Ernie to life on Sesame Street


17. Sean Connery gives co-star Ursula Andress handstand lessons on the set of the first James Bond movie, “Dr. No” (1962)


18. A pile of extras lay still and relaxed on the sets of Spartacus, (1960)


19. Grace Kelly takes a quick nap on the set of Green Fire, (1954)


20. Arnold gets goofy during the shoot of Conan the Barbarian, (1982)


21. Robert De Niro gets help on the movie clasp, Raging Bull, (1980)


22. Robert Englund gets his groove on during the shoot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, (1984)


23. Joe Pesci gets mischievous with Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone, (1990)


24. Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Tim Burton chatting it out on the set of Batman, (1989)


25. Forrest Gump – Scene 1 Take 1


26. James Cameroon aces his take on the sets of Titanic, (1997)


27. Stanley Kubrick and his daughter trick Jack Nicholson into thinking he’s been photographed on the set of “The Shining”.


28. Steven Spielberg voluntarily becomes the bait, Jaws, (1975)


29. Helen Ludlam tells a story to Diane Keaton, Woody Allen and Colleen Dewhurst on the set of Annie Hall.


30. Michael Keaton in the makeup chair for Beetlejuice, circa 1987


31. Steven Spielberg gives E.T. a ride during the shooting of E.T. (1982)


32. John Rhys-Davies cracking up Ford on the sets of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, (1981)


33. Alfred Hitchcock and Kim Novak take a break from the shoot of The Vertigo at Scottie’s apartment.


34. The Rock playing party cake with a little girl on the set of Hercules, (2014)


35. Charles Heston on the set of Planet of the Apes, (1968)


36. Danny DeVito gets his final touch up by John Rosengrant for his role in Batman Returns, (1992)


37. Ryan Reynolds filming the contained thriller Buried, circa 2009.


38. Lisa Burns and Louise Burns looking not so creepy behind the scenes of The Shining, (1980)


39. Filming the Black Knight scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, (1975)


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