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27 Most Difficult Emotions A Dog Goes Through That A Dog Owner Must Never Forget

I, as a dog lover and owner, couldn’t stop crying writing this. Never forget that they are gifts of God for you and so are you, for them.

1. The first day you bring me into your life.


I can never thank you enough for adopting me and giving me a chance to prove myself to you.

2. Yes it felt strange and I felt lonely for a while.


After all, I was a baby and I was abandoned by my real family.

3. But God sent you to my rescue.


And whatever I know and all the good things that I learnt in life were from you. You’re my guardian and confidante for life.

4. I act funny, stupid and mis-behaved a lot of times.

5. Please punish me for my wrong doings but don’t give up on me by keeping me tied in the lawn.


I’m your child and I will love you even if you tie me up but when you do it, I feel like I was never a part of you.

6. I try my best to make you proud I swear.


I do whatever it is in my hands to make you feel like the luckiest parents in the world. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work every time and I fail a lot of times. I’m very sorry for that.

7. However, I will keep trying I promise. Please don’t give me away.


I won’t be able to handle the misery of losing another family.

8. Please don’t entice me with a treat and not give it.


Because I love food but to keep healthy, I have restrictions on the kind of food I can eat. I eagerly wait for such opportunities when I’ll get a treat from you so please give me a treat every time I deserve it.

9. The one thing that keeps me sane throughout the day is looking forward to you coming back home.


10. And when you come back, I can’t handle the excitement:


But please don’t get grossed out and shrug me off because this is how I express love.

11. You can be rest assured that no matter what, you will always have the best hug waiting for you after a bad day or the worst phase.


12. You don’t know or may not have noticed but whenever you leave from home for a few days, I can’t eat and sleep.


And each time I hear any little noise, my ears go up hoping that it’s you.

13. I understand I’m not allowed inside shops or grocery stores but please don’t leave me alone on the street till you shop because you don’t know what I go through in that time.


I feel scared and abandoned.

14. Till I’m here with you, you always have company in the night when you’re working or in times you have noone around to talk to.


I’ll be right in front of you, listening to everything you say and watching everything you do. Sometimes, I just wish I could talk in your language because that day, you’d understand me as much as I understand you.

15. At times, when I really need something, it gets very difficult.


I feel helpless. Please don’t ever ignore me when I’m trying to grab your attention by crying, jumping, barking etc. It really means something significant.

16. Don’t leave me in the cold assuming I have fur and I am warm enough.


It is very very cold at times and I’m too numb to ask for warmth at that time.

17. I feel very scared at times and you are all I have, to give me the comfort I need.


18. I like going to new places and making new friends, please show me around. I just have 10-15 years to experience everything I can.


19. I know you don’t understand my language but please understand my expressions and feelings when I need you the most.


I’m not always sleepy and lazy, I may be unwell.

20. Trust me mummy, I am as scared of dying so soon as you are.


I just avoid that thought so that I can enjoy the few years I have with you to the fullest.

21. Please understand that like humans, I need some alone time too.


I think and I have mood swings but I won’t like it if you’re sad because I’m like this sometimes. It’s a feeling I can’t describe but please try and understand my language.

22. Don’t remain angry with me for too long.


If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be living this life. I can’t see you of all people, being angry with me because it will kill me a little inside.

23. Trust me as much as I trust you, I’ll never let you down.


I’ll guard you with all my strength and heart. You mean the world to me and I can prove it.

24. I’m a friend that you will cherish forever, I promise you that. Walk with me, spend time with me, you’ll know.


So what if I’m only there for less than a quarter of your life? I will make sure that each moment that I spend with you was more than (just) worth it.

25. Love me as much as you loved me when I was a cute little puppy.


I understand I’m old and grumpy now but your one touch brightens up my whole day and I have looked forward to it the most each day of my life.

26. You made my life worth living because you decided to adopt me, love me and make me feel like the luckiest dog in the world.


I wish I could tell you how it feels whenever I think of losing you. I have loved every moment that I spent with you.

27. Sadly, it’s time to go but remember, I will never forget you and you were my only family. Being there for you is all I know and I wish I could be around for a little longer to make some more outstanding memories.


I know you tried your best to protect me and I’m sorry I have to leave you this way. But trust me, it’s not the end mummy and daddy, I hope we cross paths in my next life.

This is a tribute to the best dog I ever knew – my dog, my love, my baby, My Roger.


I wish how you didn’t have to leave,
Can never forget that day, that night,
I sat in front of you and prayed every second,
Waiting for a miracle to happen,
For you to wake up and look at me with the same gorgeous dark blue eyes as the day you sat like a grown-up man already at the door on the first day you stepped into our lives.
You were and you will always remain my knight and shining armor, Because I know you look out for me from heaven above the same way I look out for you every day, every minute and every second.

Thank you for blessing our lives with your gracious presence and teaching us to live and love unconditionally.

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