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27 Mistakes Of Your Life You Will Realize When You’re Old

Young life…this life…is precious. You don’t understand what you have now until you’re old. Its the vibe, energy and beauty of youth that writes most of your life story. Its what you do then that makes you feel content and happy. Make sure you don’t miss out on your youth and have the time of your life.

1. Not traveling while you could.


You were young and vibrant and had so much more time to enjoy your life to its fullest…

2. Skipping gym and neglecting physical fitness.


3. Not quitting a terrible job.


Those stressful, demeaning times you inflicted upon yourself, when you could have spent them searching for something that would honor your talent.

4. Not saying I love you when you had the chance.


And now you just wish you had gathered some courage to do it.

5. Living someone else’s dream.


When you could have just taken that leap of faith and lived your own.

6. Spending your time procrastinating.


When you could made use of it and could have done something productive.

7. Not trying harder at school.


8. Not spending enough time with your family and friends.


9. Holding grudges with people, especially your loved ones.


It takes seconds to bond, but a lifetime to mend a broken relation.

10. Not realizing how beautiful you are.


Now that you’re old…you realize it every single day of your life.

11. Being too consumed in work.


When you could’ve managed sometime out to relax and hang out with friends and enjoy life.

12. Not taking the time to learn something new when you could.


Something you always wished you knew.

13. Not taking up adventures.


Those which pushed you beyond your comfort level .

14. Confining yourself to defined gender roles.


15. Getting into unnecessary fights.


16. Not listening to your parents advice.


17. Staying in a bad relationship.


You now feel you should have quit on it earlier and not waste most of your life on it.

18. Learning to cook one awesome meal.


19. Always worrying about what others think.


20. Holding yourself back due to society and cultural norms.


21. Starting off something and never finishing it.


Leaving it incomplete for you to ponder on later in your life.

22. Never performing in front of others.


23. Worrying way too much.


24. Letting jealousy overpower you.



25. Not taking the time to make contacts or engage in networking.


26. Hurting a close friend.


And now you regret that every second of your life .

27. Not being grateful enough.


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