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Bringing Beauty in the Garden: 6 Best Flowers to Grow for Any Season – 2024 Guide

The gardening world favors the most extensive kinds, as they are known for their striking appeal and size once in full bloom. It’s a common sight for every bouquet to be filled with larger flowers, then accessorized with smaller ones.

Whether big or small, any type of flower is perfect for the bouquet. And you can always start by planting different types of flowers for your garden. The beauty of tiny flowers is that they bloom in masses, while big flowers bloom beautifully to their fullest.

Moreover, growing these plants would require practice, patience, and timing to mature at the right season. Below are some recommended plants for you to grow at any season, no matter how big or small they are.

1. Spirea

img source: theoaklandpress.com

Over the years, the Spirea or spiraea has quickly risen to the ranks of becoming a favorite for gardeners to plant.

The type of flower is very much easy to maintain and grow. Moreover, the market offers a wide range of hybrids and cultivars to choose from.

The flower brings endless choices in its shape, form, texture, and color, which floral designers and gardeners are sure to enjoy. Additionally, spirea can be grown in borders, stand-alone, groundcovers, and hedges, depending on how you want them to look.

Furthermore, just like any type of flower, the spirea is also tremendously important to the ecological aspect of gardening. The flower is a favorite to many pollinators, such as butterflies, bees, moths, and more.
However, these flowers are considered a snack on occasion to deers. For more information on deer-resistant plants and how to take care of them, check out GardenersPath.com to find out more.

2. Clarkia

img source: johnnyseeds.com

Known for its interesting names as “farewell-to-spring” and “mountain garland”, the Clarkia or Clarkia spp are native annuals that may seem fragile but can withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

True to its “mountain garland” name, clarkia is commonly used as flower crowns for fashion and ornamental purposes. These flowers grow from Alaska to Arizona, and gardeners are sure to love the variety of colors it comes with, such as red, orange, pink, white, and purple.

Expert gardeners of the flower would recommend planting the seeds earlier since clarkia germinate faster during the cooler months. Another fantastic fact about the flower is that they bloom just like evening primroses, open in the morning and closed in the evening.

Growing clarkia would require good average soil, partial exposure to the sun, and enough water to keep them healthy.

3. Nemophila

img source: wikimedia.org

One of the notable plants known for its adorable and proper name, “baby blue eyes,” is the Nemophila. The flower blooms in masses and is showy during the early summer seasons.

They come in different varieties, such as “Five Spot,” which are white flowers with splotches of purple in every petal. “Total Eclipse,” on the other hand, is another variety which, true to its name, gives off a striking bloom in its shade of blacks.

The three varieties of nemophila are recommended to be grown on moist soil and do excellently as ground covers for areas in your garden. It’s also recommended to plant them under a partial shade, giving them just enough sun exposure that can protect and extend their full bloom for three more weeks.

4. Night Phlox

img source: africa-seeds.com

The Night Phlox or Zaluzianskya capensis is a flower that gardeners come to love having in their gardens for its striking appeal. However, the plant is best not to be grown in mass cultivation. But with its pleasing aroma in its full bloom, it’s quite hard to resist not planting lots of these flowers.

In less than a week, night phlox seeds germinate once pressed onto warm, healthy, moist soil. Planting them beside your window or the front door is ideal, so you can easily smell their aroma cruising through the breeze in their evening bloom.

5. Rhodochiton

img source: specialplants.net

Every garden needs to have various plants, from small to big ones, shrubs to big trees. Another exciting addition you might want to consider is growing vertical flowers through a vine, and the purple bell vine or the rhodochiton is perfect.

The rhodochiton is a vine plant that gardeners love crawling in their gardens for their unique flower shape, which is a bell. Unlike the usual vine plants that thread along garden trellis before the summer season ends, the growth of the purple bell vine is moderate and easily maintainable.

With proper planning, the seeds of these plant could take almost months to germinate. Most gardeners would advise beginners to transplant the flower earlier, especially when you live in a region that goes through cold temperatures.
The best way to plant the rhodochiton is by locating it at a spot that partially gets enough sun exposure—something like an afternoon shade, to keep the plant and soil moisturized throughout its journey of growth.

6. Blow Wives

img source: flickr.com

Blow wives, scientifically known as the Achyrachaena mollis, is a cute little ball of tiny flowers resembling dandelions. It’s not a common sight to see one of these growing in the garden, but you can surely see masses of these flowers outside in a meadow within the California area.

Moreover, these plants are native plants in the California area, and their name comes from how these plants bloom during the summer and shatter away like a dandelion when you blow.

Lastly, you wouldn’t have to worry about drought or when the soil starts to form clay because these plants can very much tolerate such harsh conditions. Additionally, blow wives reseed after their blooming cycle is fulfilled by the end of the summer season.


Owning a garden for your home to be planted with all sorts of plants helps give off the vivid and beautiful aesthetic that nature has to offer. These are just some of the best plants to grow for any type of season, and with proper practice, your garden is sure to bloom with the most wonderful of flowers. Enjoy gardening by planting these flowers for your garden today.

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