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The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying Lingerie For Your Partner – 2024 Guide

Gift-giving is one of the nicest things you can do for your partner. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a present for Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary or just a small token of appreciation on a regular Wednesday afternoon – a beautiful, caring gift is always welcome.

One of the gifts that most often given is lingerie. However, over the years, the act of gifting lingerie kind of lost its magic and it became a gifted man gets for himself for his partner to wear. Now, that’s not really caring and giving, isn’t it? For that, and many other reasons, lingerie gifting becomes somewhat frowned upon and we just can’t get on board with that.

Buying someone lingerie is one of the nicest, most caring and intimate acts you can do. Now, you do have to do it right and that’s why we’re here. We’re going to guide you through the lingerie shopping and gifting process through simple dos and don’ts so that when you do decide to get your partner something, you know how to do it properly.


Let’s get the don’ts out of the way first, because in a way, avoiding some of these common mistakes will already make you a solid lingerie gifter.

Don’t Buy Cheap Lingerie

img source: dmarge.com

Arguably the worst thing you can do for your lady is buying them cheap lingerie. Now, we’re not saying you have to break the bank and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a very expensive, designer lingerie, but you can’t be one of those that puts quantity over quality, especially when it comes to this. Quality lingerie will be somewhat expensive, that’s just the way it is.

Panties have to be breathable and comfortable and made from quality materials if you want your partner to enjoy them and don’t even get us started on bras. Cheap bras will not only be uncomfortable and non-fitting, they can also be harmful to your partner’s health. Cheap bras are usually built horribly and it’s quite common for wires to come out of a bra and stab our lovely ladies. Those minor cuts and stabs can easily get infected and cause some serious issues. Therefore, skimping out on lingerie is a big no-no!

Don’t Buy The Present For Yourself

Let us ask you this – if you were to get your girlfriend that never plays video games a PS5 or an Xbox, do you really think she would buy into the story that you got her that present? It’s the same thing with lingerie. If you’ve never seen your girlfriend wear g strings it’s probably for a good reason, whatever the reason might be. Chances are she bought them, tried them, didn’t like them and has never put them on again. If that’s the case – don’t buy them! Sure, you both have to enjoy the lingerie, but if you’re buying a present – her wishes come first!

Don’t Guess The Size

img source: nyt.com

When shopping for any kind of clothes, especially undergarments, you have to know the right size. If you assume that there’s such thing as a one-size-fits-all for panties, ask yourself this – could you still fit in the underwear you wore when you were a kid? No, of course, you couldn’t. The most common misconception is that panties come in universal sizes and according to hauteflair.com – that’s just not true.

As far as bras are concerned, men are aware that not all of them are the same, but still, trying to explain the cup size with your hands is neither cool nor smart. Sneak a peek when you get the chance if you don’t want your partner to know that you’re getting them a present and buy the right size.


Now, let’s take a look at some dos!

Try And Match Her Style

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We’re not saying you shouldn’t experiment or try some new things, but in general, it’s best to try and find things your partner enjoys. Sure, your taste matters as well, but try and keep things about her. You can easily tell what kind of lingerie your lady likes to wear by simply looking at what she wears in general. Also, keep in mind lingerie can be elegantly styled with regular clothes, so that might be something to consider as well.

Experiment With Colour

Try and be creative when it comes to colour. Sure, black and white are a safe bet and they’re always a good choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment and try some new things out. There are all kinds of seductive colours out there and you just have to find them. Shades of red, green and purple are always sexy and are pretty much guaranteed to leave a great impression on your partner.

Ask A Friend

A smart thing to do before you buy a present like this, especially if you haven’t done it before, is to talk to her friends about some things. A friend can always help you. They could tell you what she likes, what exact size does she wear, what are some of the good stores or quality brands or they could even go shopping with you and help you out that way. Never underestimate a helpful hand of a lady friend!

Buy More Than Just Panties And Bras

img source: adorablebunnies.com

Lingerie isn’t only a set of bras and panties – there are a lot more options to consider here. Aside from those two, there are brassieres, bralettes, bustiers, camisoles, chemises, corsets, garters, suspenders, robes, rompers, thongs and so on. All of these can be a great gift for your loved one, but you can’t buy them if don’t know what they are. So, before you go lingerie shopping, make sure you study!


As you can see, there are several rules and dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of before you go lingerie shopping for your lovely lady. We’ve tried to highlight some of the most important dos and don’ts, but there are a few additional ones. Naturally, every woman is different, so keep in mind what might be true for one, might not be for the other.   With that in mind, our final advice for you is – take the time to really get to know your partner before you decide to gift them lingerie.

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