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Benefits of Buying a Fiat Vehicle: Information and Details – 2024 Guide

One of the largest and oldest car manufacturers in the world, Fiat began to lose its prestige towards the end of the20th century. Before the automobile crisis in the 80s, Fiat used to be the largest car manufacturer in Europe, not just in Italy, and it was only Ford and General Motors that had succeeded in overtaking it on the global market. Then came the car crash that wasn’t easy for any company, but soon enough Fiat’s sales began to pick up again.

What could explain Fiat’s outstanding success? What is it about Fiat’s cars that makes people want to buy them for well over a century now? In this article, we shall briefly review its most frequently reported strong and weak points. And since virtually all brand-new cars seem to have become a little too expensive for the majority of population in our day and age, we will focus specifically on the qualities of Fiat’s second-hand cars.

The most frequently reported strong points of brand-new Fiat cars

Since this manufacturer has been at the top long enough not to need any long introductions, we may get to the point right away.

Stylish exterior design

img source: unsplash.com

If you have ever driven a Fiat into an open parking area or just stopped by a street cafe, you may easily skip this point and read on. In fact, you will have to get used to eyes staring at you from all directions. Be it for the compact size of the car, its frivolous elegance, or the post-Victorian nostalgia, or perhaps all three in one, heads will just keep turning.

Maximum safety

It might require some effort from you to believe that when you look at it, but the truth is, Fiats are exceptionally safe for subcompact cars. They even deserved the title of a top-safety pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2013. From the exterior paintwork coating all the way to the air suspension, it will never give you cause for anxiety.

Impressive fuel economy

img source: unsplash.com

Virtually all Fiat models come in low weight and with fantastic high-volume engines. You shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, when you feel the car pushing 31 miles per gallon on the city roads and 40 miles per gallon on the highway. Driving a Fiat, you won’t have to be looking out for a petrol station all the time.

Comparative affordability

Pricey though they may be for a lot of people, as we have already mentioned, Fiats in fact compare quite favourably on the automobile market, and it is not unusual to find even a brand-new Fiat car at a price for a second-hand equivalent by many other manufacturers.

The EFQM’s Award

img source: news24.com

And as a cherry on top, if the name of the European Foundation for Quality Management’s Excellence Award has been long enough to impress any sense of authority upon you, we may as well add it to the list of Fiat’s strong points at once.

The advantages of buying a second-hand Fiat

When you look at a used Fiat for sale, you’ve got to assess its technical condition as well as its affordability.Such a car can be viewed on the website Rollsauto. It is true that Fiat is famous for its reliable engine and excellent body, and yet, high mileage can create some problems even in a perfect engine.

Besides, engine is not the only part that counts. Let’s go into a little more detail of what makes second-hand Fiats sell so well. Provided you have found a decent and professional car dealer, the chances are that Fiats you find in his shop will, despite their high mileage:

  • possess excellent bodies in a fairly good condition;
  • exhibit good corrosion resistance;
  • maintain reliable transmission that does not cause troubles even on a long drive;
  • have comfortable interiors with a well-preserved high-quality finish;
  • include a fair selection of engines;
  • require low cost technical maintenance.

Besides, many drivers choose Fiats because they

  • look interesting;
  • run quietly, with minimal noise and vibration inside;
  • provide sufficient level of comfort for a second-hand price list.

The disadvantages of used Fiat cars

img source: driversautomart.com

There’ve got to be some problems too, no doubt, but surprisingly, typical second-hand Fiats don’t have that many. The most frequently reported ones are the following:

1. Its electric work becomes less than reliable if the mileage is high.
2. Some replacements may be required, and it is not that easy to find original spare parts. On the bright side, car parts from other manufacturers can often enough be used instead.
3. Too many drivers report a stiff suspension, which has been the case with brand-new as well as second-hand cars.
4. If the car’s previous owner wasn’t a careful driver, you are very likely to end up with easily failing shock absorbers and silent blocks.

Final verdict

In spite of all its less than numerous faults and potential defects, Fiat, even in a second-hand version, remains a fairly comfortable car with good technical characteristics. It is also quite spacious inside, which, combined with its compact body, makes it an ideal car for a family living in a city.

It should not be surprising, therefore, that this Italian manufacturer continues to occupy high positions on Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index.


img source: unsplash.com

Fiat has managed to survive several crises and to stay on top nonetheless. It has remained number two in Europe and the seventh worldwide well into the 21st century.

And it continues to do all it takes to be one of the best, taking clients relations very seriously, so that even to this day, it is still the most frequently awarded car manufacturer in the world.

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