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46 Things from India in the 90’s That Will Make you Miss That Era Real Bad

This may make you cry because things were so much better and easier then and you know it.

1. This dog was a terror.

2. The “Jalebeeee…” kid who made jalebis seem so much more delicious at that time at least.

3.You wanted to ride your BSA Champ just like this guy.

4. Smoking seemed so cool because of him.

5. Stealing these was not exactly “stealing”.

6. These were the only things that existed in the name of songs.

7. You dreamt of flying one fine day.

8.You collected these and even learnt how to make big bubbles with these.

9. You loved reading these.

10. These were luxuries that you had to fight for.

11. Such adverts were very common in magazines.

12. Your MP3 and iPod of that time.

13. This was your compulsory travel equipment.

14. Kroor Singh and his “Yekkuu” laugh…rings a bell?

15. The only time you liked studying was when you could use these ink pens. You even loved the smell of the ink.

16. Your fingers would hurt but you won’t stop playing.

17. This was a very common sight on TV.

18. You remember the tune of this by heart.

19. You couldn’t wait for this cartoon to play on television.

20. Nataraj, the favourite (or the only) stationary brand.

21. And the Japanese technology.

22. If you were a “Complan boy/girl”, you had this.

23. You loved the name, color and the taste.

24. This is a thing of the past.

25. These fighting guns- your first and the last.

26. This TV ad cheered you up.

27. Yes. Made in India.

28. You seriously believed you could prepare this in 2 minutes and so you ate this every time the ad came on tv (poor mom).

29. Collectors’ items for some of you.

30. Okay you liked Campa “cola” better.

31. You sounded mad shouting “by the power offf….”.

32. Stop singing.

33. You couldn’t help but flip it every time you got it.

34. These serials that you never missed even one episode of.

35. Females loved these things.

36. You were blank in your head about these.

37. You were very aggressive when you played with these.

38. Photography was so much easier, with no fancy technical options.

39. Amar Chitrakatha series were among your favourites.

40. You liked it eventually because of its awesome cover.

41. You know this logo.

42. This guy made an impact on you.

43. You tried tasting this and you loved the smell. Accept it.

44. This was pretty cool….then.

45. You often got them as gifts.

46. You were content with this television set, you didn’t mind the curvy picture on the screen.

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