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30 Worst Things About India That Will Make You Sad

Mera Bharat Mahan – Have you ever given this phrase another thought? Yes, being patriotic is great but is ignoring the nation’s biggest issues justified? Are we living a life of ignorance?

1. Littering all over the streets and then blaming others for it

2. The fact that $130 million public money is spent on such statues rather than the public itself

3. When perverts like him are worshipped by people across the country

4. When we are easily trapped into politicians ‘Divide and rule policy’

5. A country where cricketers are worshiped like Gods, but other sports receive only disrespect



Kabaddi world cup winners searching for auto with the trophies in their hands

6. The fact that even after 67 years of independence more than 50% of our country lives in conditions like this




7. When the common man has to get to the streets and suffer through this only to get his voice heard

Protests for Delhi Gang Rape


Women beaten brutally by cops


You call this democracy?

8. The fact that they are regarded as youth icons

9. When we see India’s position at the Olympics medal tally


Highly dissapointing

10. Where dowry is regarded as a status symbol and brides are used as units of measurement

11. A country where Government websites meant for public assistance look like this and test your levels of patience


Until finally…

12. When India comes on top of embarrassing lists

13. Where same sex marriage is a crime while marital rape is legal

14. When honor killing is still practised and is an ignored evil

15. When people place their beliefs in frauds like him


Nirmal Baba – the epitomy of fraudulence!

16. The fact that we will no longer see him play for India again.

17. When movies like Chennai Express grosses 300 crores on the box office

but movies like Dor…


and Black Friday receive no recognition from the crowd

18. When our country’s top parliamentary houses look like this…


Cash for vote!

19. Falling rupee

20. When people assume public places as toilets…

and spitting yards!

21. The fact that we criticize cops all the time but when a police officer obeys and follows his duty…this is what happens

22. That grades and marks are given more importance than actual learning

23. The great Indian reservation quota

24. When the media gives unnecessary coverage to issues like SRK and Salman Khan patch-up and ignores other important issues that need recognition

25. When this is what happens at the peak office hours at a Government office

26. Where roads give themselves away after only one monsoon period, indicating corruption in road development

27. The fact that corruption has firmly penetrated through each and every aspect of the nation

28. Rising number of crimes against women

India’s National Crime Records Bureau

29. Domestic violence

30. And the fact that despite of all this we try and live in utter ignorance.


Mera Bharat Mahan! Really?

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