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22 Kids Room Designs That Are So Majestic That You Would Want One Right Away

Wish you were a kid again? Well after seeing this that feeling will grow stronger and deeper because these masterpieces for children are just beyond marvelous. They are true artworks of some of the best interior designers who’ve put their heart and soul into each room making it look spectacular and celebrity-like.

1. Pirate Ship Room


2. Calvin and Hobbes Bedroom

3. Secret Chronicles Of Narnia Room


4. Personal Teepee


5. Spaceship Captain’s Console


6. Tree House Bedroom


7. Secret Slide Passage And Play Room


8. Secret Treehouse Play Room


9. House Within A House


10. Fairy-Tale Nursery


11. Ship Captain’s Bedroom


12. Adventure Treehouse Room


13. Circus Bedroom


14. Princess’ Carriage And Bedroom

15. Ship Captain’s Lookout And Bedroom



16. Forest Wonderland Bedroom


17. Racetrack Bedroom


18. Hideout Tubes


19. Basketball Court Bedroom


20. Island Shipwreck Bedroom


21. Super Mario Room


22. Or just Give Your Kids Thousands of Stickers And See What Happens


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