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14 Prettiest Things Girls Do That Completely Steal Your Heart

Girls are adorable and lovable in a million unthinkable ways. Some we notice, some we ignore and some we don’t even realize. But having a girl by your side feels like home, no matter how far away you are. They care for you, make you feel loved and they pleasantly surprise you in a thousand little ways. Say it loud or not..Girls are simply the best!

1. They invariably smile in the middle of a kiss, and then pull back and look at you and laugh a little…Its just how they are.


2. They call you in the middle of the night, not because they’re sad or angry, but just to say hi and hear all about how your day went.


3. When they do something so gender-role oriented, like make you dinner, sit you down and serve it to you to the point where you think she doesn’t have to, but she does because she wants to show you she cares.

4. On the contrary, when they are gender-role defiant, when you wake up to find them wearing your shirt in the morning or your jeans and make plans for dinner and whisk you off your feet.

5. When they have another girl’s back, even if it’s someone society tells them they should be “against.”


6. When asked a question, they simply furrow their foreheads and actually think of the answer – not because they’re confused or don’t know what to say, but because they are really thinking something through before responding.


7. Read pretty books, not worrying about what it actually is about, unless they find it totally connecting with themselves at a deeper level.

8. When you are able to sit with them for hours and pour you heart out and talk about stupid, important or personal things and whatever other things your heart so desires.


9. When they are ready to make a complete joke of themselves just to support you through and make you realize that they’re there for you.


10. When they gently let you rest your head in their laps, moving their fingers through your hair and make you feel safe and loved and cared for.

11. When they wake up without make-up and don’t care about how they look because they know you love them no matter what.


12. When they speak kindly of their parents, their exes, their former friends, and acknowledge the ways they are good people although they may have done things to hurt them in the past.


13. When they let their hair down at the end of the day and it smells like their shampoo and all of their other girl-like wonderfulness.


14. When they suddenly hug you when you’re down and you don’t have to tell them that you are… they just know it, and it feels like the best feeling in the world.


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