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23 Photos That Completely Shook The World

These are images that made the world weep together. Photos that carry a deep sentimental value and are utterly touching. You will cry at the end trust me.

1. A vulture waits for the malnourished child to die (1992)


This photograph created quite a stir on the humaneness of photographing community. The photographer commited suicide despite being awarded for this photo.

2. A homeless and hungry man eats off a railway track in India

3. A soldier shot by a sniper hangs onto a priest in his last moments (1962)


4. John Lennon giving an autograph, with his future killer Mark Chapman, few hours before his death. (1980)

5. This is a really sad picture of a Giraffe and Polar Bear kept in captivity

6. A protesting Buddhist monk burns himself to death (1963)


Thich Quang Duc, the Buddhist priest in Southern Vietnam , burns himself to death protesting the government’s torture policy against priests. Thich Quang Dug never made a sound or moved while he was burning.

7. A mother in Somalia holds the body of her child who died of hunger. (1992)


8. A German soldier returns home only to find his family no longer there –  Frankfurt (1946)

9. Rwanda Massacre – A group of Hutus began slaughtering the Tutsis in the African country of Rwanda. The genocide left 800,000 dead. This photo shows the bloody feet of children attempting to escape slaughter by climbing the walls. (1994)

10. An Iraqi prisoner of war tries to console his son (2003)


While this Iraqi prisoner was trying to comfort his 4 year old son, the little boy was afraid to see his father hooded and handcuffed. The army considered his request to free his hands so he could make his boy feel comfortable.

11. The first day of Dorothy Counts at the Harry Harding High School in the United States . Counts was one of the first black students admitted in the school, and she was no longer able to stand the harassment after 4 days (1957)


12. A permanent shadow of a victim of the Hiroshima atomic bombing lies cast on the ground that speaks of the severity of the tragedy that engulfed Japan (1945)

13. Hungry Russian women kneel before American Relief Administration officials (1922)

14. This combination of pictures shows Independence Square in Kiev on April 22, 2009 and the same square pictured on February 20, 2014

15. Teresa, a child in a residence for disturbed children, grew up in a concentration camp. She drew a picture of “home” on the blackboard – Poland (1948)

16. Job hunting in 1930s – a period marked by the Great Depression

17. Felix Baumgartner standing in his capsule about to dive. He set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 km (24 mi), reaching an estimated speed of 1357.64 km/h (843.6 mph) on 14 October 2012, and became the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power on his descent.

18. A second before the Japanese Socialist Party leader Asanuma was murdered by an opponent student (1960)


19. Wedding picture from Izu Island; the habitants use gas masks because there are high levels of sulfur in the air due to volcanic activity

20. The World’s First Selfie (1839)

This is one of the earliest known photographs of a human. A self portrait taken in 1839, it shows a young Robert Cornelius (1809-1893) standing outside his family’s lamp-making shop in Philadelphia.

21. Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the day they were assassinated, an event that helped spark World War I (1914)

22. The execution of Polish men on Bloody Sunday – Bydgoszcz, (1939)

23. Soviet soldiers stand dumfounded at a large pile of human ashes found at the Majdanek concentration camp in 1944.


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