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13 Known Things About North-Indians That Shouldn’t Be Known Because They Aren’t True

South Indians hate North-Indians and vice versa. Now that’s not true. In fact, most love marriages take place between a South Indian and North India and they turn out more than just “fine”.

1. Punjabis or no Punjabis – it’s still North India


North Indians are loud and love wearing bling but that doesn’t mean it’s made of “Punjabi”. There are people from Haryana, Bihar, U.P, Gujarat, South Indian, and so many other places – people from all across India AND foreign countries settle here.

2. It’s multilingual by the way


There’s not only one language (i.e Punjabi) that’s spoken in this part of India; rather, you can’t keep track of the number of languages that are spoken here since there are SO MANY.

3. Eve-teasing is NOT a “thing”


In fact, there are loads of men here who are too shy to even look at a girl. And there are loads of women who can slap AND eve-tease.

4. True love exists here too for men


North-Indian boys too fall in love in a “decent” manner, without turning into hardcore stalkers.

5. Again, there’s natural beauty too in this part of India


Not all Girls in North India are just about dressing up and looking glamorous all the time. There are other girls who take it easy as well and look gorgeous without any make-up at all.

6. Drama, yes drama


Only some women in North-India are overtly dramatic, NOT ALL

7. “North-Indian girls are full of attitude.” – Wrong


Not every girl in North-India throws attitude in your face. There are some really nice, “down to earth” girls here as well.

8. There’s anything but “racism” in this part of India


They can be rude, full of attitude, glamorous, and a lot of other things, but racism is really not in their blood at all.

9. Boys in North-India are not worthless



… they work day and night and some of them work so hard that they forget all about their social lives after all.

10. And not every North-Indian is an alcoholic


In fact, they love having “chai”.

11. They express, how is that a problem?


North-Indians are loud but not because they want to be rude but because they are simply being “expressive”.

12. Yes, girls in North are friendly and broad-minded


… but that does not mean they are inviting any kind of attention.

13. North-Indian girls are not “catty” all the time


… they actually make for some of the best girlfriends you’ll ever make in a whole lifetime.

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