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37 Kickass Answers From Smart-ass Kids That Will Kill You

My stomach hurts bad from laughing. This is so freakin’ hilarious! Moral of the story: BEWARE OF KIDS! They will leave you fumbling for words…I’m Serious!

1. Someone get this kid a medical degree:


2. Give this kid a medal!


3. Teacher can’t handle harsh truths:


4. A misogynist in the making:

5. Finding the easy way out!


6. That one’s just disturbing!


7. Who are you to deny their love?


8. This kid needs a robust backstory before he can start any test:


9. I mean, that’s ONE definition:


10. This is the only beer law I studied:


11. Burn!


12. Looks like he’s got it all planned!


13. Devastatingly accurate:


14. We can dream:


15. This kid is good at following instruction. Too good:


16. He sure knows his history!



17. Oh God!


18. The simplest answer is usually the best one. Except in this case:


19. This is wrong…so wrong!


20. Talk about being human!


21. Technically correct:


22. Nailed it!


23. He’s a free loader all right!


24. A hardcore fan!


25. RIP Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution!


26. Now, that’s called smart thinking!


27. Hakunama tata!


28. Clever!


29. OH GOD! A kindergartner? No!


30. Like a Boss!


31. It actually is!


32. Very funny Peter!


33. Duh!


34. Hilarious love addict!


35. Fair point:


36. Warren’s got a healthy sense of perspective:


37. The “see me after class” on this one seems a little inappropriate:

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