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33 Yahoo Answers That Prove All Of Humanity Is Doomed

Yahoo Answers is the last place I would ever go to get an actual answer, but the first place I go for a laugh.

Personal hygiene tip

Very thought-provoking

Definitely would work at night in the winter

They aren’t robots?

Math help

Think about the children

Maybe they did

I can’t bare this much longer

Reverse baking is the new thing

More files = more weight

Answering with another question


Easy way to have twins

Definitely run

Ask your priest instead

How to become a werewolf

I wouldn’t risk it

If this person is a witch, shouldn’t they know the spell?

Totally true

Starting with “I’m not an idiot” is the first sign you are

True answers at least

American History 101

Probably pretty wasted

Any description

I think you need a 3D printer

Weak jeans

How cat babies are born

Not sure what to do here

New Guinness World Record

Important diet advice

How space and color were invented

Units of measure explained

This person probably shouldn’t own a cat

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