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33 Cutest Animal Facts That Will Force You To Smile I Promise

If you don’t find these facts absolutely adorable, I wonder what else can ever make you smile. 33 will definitely blow away your mind.

1. Squirrels are unbelievably charitable

First, they are great environmentalists – simply by forgetting where they put their acorns, they plant thousands of trees every year.

2. Secondly, they have parental instincts

They adopt abandoned babies whose parents either died or weren’t being able to take care of them.

2. Cows love music

A study measuring the effects of the music revealed that cow produces more milk when listening to slow and soothing music.

4. Japanese Macaques are too much fun

They make snowballs to play and have fun.


5. AND they are intelligent

They know how to use vending machines so they use coins they find anywhere to buy items to eat.

6. Otters collect rocks

They have a skin flap that they use as a pocket to keep their favourite rock.

7. Sea Otters are adorable companions

They hold hands while they are sleeping because they are scared they’ll drift apart while they are asleep.

8. Cows have best friends

They have best friends just like us humans who they spend most of their time with.

9. Dogs have identity marks too


It’s fingerprinted for humans and nose prints for dogs – you can identify your dogs with their nose prints that act as their identity proofs.

10. Pigs do what many humans can’t

A pig’s orgasm can last for as long as 30 minutes.

11. Chimp babies are basically like human baby girls

They like playing with dolls and they make dolls out of sticks and rocks for themselves.

12. Elephant shrews have giant relatives

Their closest relatives are Elephants, not shrews. They like diversity in their lives.

13. Dogs communicate in style

They sneeze to let the other dog know that they are not being aggressive in their fight, they are having fun and so they say “I’m-e-joking.”

14. Chicks too have amazing communication skills

Before they hatch, they can interact with their mother and each other through a system of sounds.

15. Ants pay serious respect to each other

They bow down whenever they see one another to say “How’re you doin?” in their own sweet way EVERY TIME they cross each other.

16. Crows are adorably notorious (contrary to what you feel about them)

Candace Savage, a bird-watcher, suggests that crows play pranks on each other; they are THAT intelligent.

17. Honey-bees NEED to know how to dance

If there’s any honey-bee that can’t dance (like many humans), she can’t communicate, which means they have to do a dance to tell their partners where their flowers are located.

18. Dolphins are cuter than you think

They actually have names for each other.

19. Turtles don’t rely on their noses to live

They can breathe through their butts instead. How’s that?

20. Meet ‘The’ Turritopsis nutricula Immortal jellyfish

‘The’ because it is possibly the only living being on this planet that lives forever, yes FOREVER.

21. Goats are not very different from us

They have different accents in their speech.

22. Puffins mate forever

In order to mate for life, puffins create homes for themselves on a cliff side and not only this, they even build a separate toilet in their little homes.

23. Rats are ticklish

If you tickle a rat (which is a rare possibility), you’ll see it giggling away to glory.

24. Gentoo Penguins express their love simplistically

Penguins express their love to their partners, who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, with a pebble.

25. Oysters can change genders easily (without going through any form of surgery)

The major concern for them to decide what gender they want to be is – what appears as the easier way of ‘mating’. And then, they easily jump from one gender to another accordingly.

26. Pandas are tinier than a human baby when they are born

Pandas weigh as much as a cup of tea when they are newly borns.

27. And they are worthy of great importance and respect

Killing a Panda in China is a heinous crime and it’s punishable by death.

28. Pikas understand the importance of the term ‘survival of the fittest’

They store large piles of dry grass in their burrows to make it through the winter season.

29. This is Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav

Not the human, but the penguin, who was once knighted by Norway.

30. Polar Bears are extremely polite, especially when they need a favor

They use nose-to-nose greetings with other bears in order to ask them for a favour, for example, food, and they get it if they are polite enough.

31. Snow Leopards love their tails

…especially because their tails give them the warmth they absolutely need. They snuggle with their fat and fluffy tails when they sleep just to keep warm.

32. Male puppies are epic examples of being ‘chivalrous’

Regardless of the size of a female puppy, a male puppy lets her win in any game they play with each other.

33. Cats have a way of telling someone – “I feel safe with you”

If a cat gives you a head-but ever, know that it trusts you completely.

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