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22 Things That Happen When You Have To Go Out Of Town And Leave Your Favourite Person Behind

It is the toughest decision you have made- to stay away from your loved one, even if it’s just for a few months.

1. You have to hunt for your loved one first (wherever they are hiding), to make them understand that you HAVE to leave.

2..No matter how hard it is for you to leave and you don’t know that most of your time is going to get spent in the bathroom for the next few months.

3. Unpacking is the biggest exam you’ll be giving in the longest time

because most of the items coming out from your luggage would be the little things your loved one gifted you.

4. You realise you made a big BIG decision by coming so far away.

5. After doing the unpacking, attending socials is the worst because the toughest questions will arrive then.

(“I don’t know” is my answer for everything. Please give me a break.)

6. “I miss you” is your favourite one liner.

7. You keep expecting surprises. You even make a fool of yourself by opening your door for just about nothing at times.

8. Your loved one, who you hardly spoke with when you were home, is your best friend on FaceTime.

(In fact you bought an Iphone for speaking with them.)

9. And you have a new best friend=Any video chatting software, which is driving you crazy.

10. You may have even found a replacement by now.

11. You realise you have a “lot of feelings”.

12. You spend most of your time alone (especially in cemeteries).

13. You become a loner-turned-writer.

14. You pick up wrong habits.

15. And wrong-er habits along with becoming irritable at everything.

16. Wherever you go, that place reminds you of your favourite person and you make sure they know.

17. Of course there’s a photo of that person in your room that makes you howl like there’s no tomorrow.

18. And only a cold shower (with or without clothes) can relieve you from the recent heartbreak.

19. You often cry to yourself in front of a mirror.

20. There’s only one excitement at night…sharing your “feelings” on texts (because there’s not much to talk about on the phone).

21. This is your favourite expression throughout the day.

22. And finally, this is what you receive once you’re back- Allllll your favourites waiting for you.

Was all that worth it or what!!

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