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19 Things You Will Totally Understand If You Have A Crush On Someone

They are more like “side effects” of liking someone. If you’d known it’s such a pain, you wouldn’t ever get into it. You still have time, think about it.

1. Instant comparison

Your happiness has no bounds when you see such a perfect (only to you) human being in front of you. Although you have no clue what they think about you and if what YOU think even matters, you can’t help but compare them with your exes in everything they do.

2. Stalker instinct

Nobody likes to be a stalker but it’s not a choice in this case. You spend most of your time looking at that person at school/office/college/street or stalk them on social media. You spend less time in thinking of ways to approach that person because looking at them makes your day anyway.

3. Helpless imagination

You often get delusional about how it would be if you start dating that person. You don’t like to regret (because that’s exactly how it should be for all of us). So that’s the brief moment when you gauge all the courage to talk to them.

4. But losing all chances of saying ANYTHING

No seriously, you suddenly go the dumb way when they walk up to you or vice versa. You’re unable to speak, forget asking them out. His/her aura is too intimidating for you to handle. And all that is left is – you blabbering and making a complete fool out of yourself.

5. It’s nauseating

By the end of each day, your anxiety kills you. “Will I ever get to talk to this person? What if she starts dating and I regret not talking to her all my life? Am I in love? Aaaahhh… ” The part you’re forgetting here is – that’s a ‘crush’ you’re talking about.

6. Panicking about accidentally entering a ‘friend-zone’

You keep yourself from doing things you don’t want to with this person but that doesn’t mean, you make them your friend. You try your best NOT to make that person your friend and if you do, a few months down the line, you wonder WITH them how it would’ve been if you guys had dated and THAT secretly pisses you off.

7. Ditching your friends

It becomes a habit to drop everything, every plan and running to your crush if he/she asks you to hang out at the coffee shop. At the same time, you have butterflies in your stomach that makes you throw up.

8. Over-confidence

No matter how much you’ve stalked this person if he/she messages you or shows any kind of interest in you, you act really confident, a little too confident, which may or may not be good for your future plans.

9. Constant restlessness

“Does she like me, does she not?”

10. And so binge eating AND drinking become a habit

You certainly forget how you need to stay fit to increase the possibility of getting a positive response from your crush. So the stress makes you eat, drink, cry, imagine, and PASS OUT.

11. Analytical skills

You analyze each and every move of that person – the man of your dreams.”He ignored me. Does that mean he also has a secret crush on me.”

12. Over-excitement if they say ‘yes’ (for anything)

“Can I take you to dinner sometime?” A yes to this question drives you crazy.

13. Insomnia

Waiting for her text. Waiting for her to come online on Facebook. “Does she like me, can she like me?”  Crushing on someone can be really harmful that way.

14. Doubts about your own sanity

Sometimes the things you do when you have that special person in your mind all the time, you question your own behavior. Dressing up for them, trying to be someone you’re not, being uncomfortable in a crowded room where he/she is present – make you FEEL stupid but you do it still.

15. Driving yourself crazy

The fact that you are too much into this person without knowing if he/she likes you the same way makes you angry and mad.

16. Jealous

You tend to forget that he/she is just your crush. So, whenever they talk about their past with any other girl, it makes you super jealous and it is VERY OBVIOUS.

17. Obsessive texting with friends

Your brain obviously doesn’t work when you’re with him/her so you rely on asking your friends before you make any move. In the process, you obviously waste a lot of time, which you realize later.

18. Feeling at peace

After all the convulsions, panic attacks, nausea, and what not – the day you tell the person of your dreams your true feelings, that day you feel at peace and you’re able to sleep. At least now you know how it would have or would be.

19. Great revelation

You finally realize how your craziness during your ‘crush’ phase didn’t make any sense at all. “Turns out – even liking someone is a pain. I’m better off BEING SINGLE.”

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