15 Wacky Rosech Sarabhai Poems That Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

Who can ever forget the legendary TV sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai! I know you’ve missed them all way too much, especially Rosech. So here’s a little treat for you…some of Rosech most unforgettable and insanely hilarious poems just to make your day. Seriously LOL!

1. When he wrote a victory poem for ‘Momma’!

2. Rosech’s Good Morning Poem:

3. When Rosech compares his delicate heart to a broken down car:

4. Rosech’s farewell ode to Popat Kaka! RIP Popat Kaka:

5. The mystery of the ‘Laal Lagul Jelly’!

6. The one about Momma’s purse:

7. Rosech’s life story in the words of a dhokla! :

8. The ever so blessed ‘Three Legged Dog’ :

9. Rosech’s dedication to his Momma and Dad on their wedding anniversary:

10. The one where Humpty Dumpty was being ‘So Middle Class’! :

11. A tribute to Saahil Bhai and Monisha Bhabhi:

12. The one about the ‘fluttery’ pigeon:

13. When Bunty called Maya Aunty:

14. When Momma gifted Rosech a horse riding book:

15. The curios case of the fallen down jelly:


And finally after reading so many Rosech Sarabhai poems, Indravardan just can’t seem to hold himself back anymore:


And I bet you read them all in Rosech’s voice right? :)

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