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18 Dogs Who Completely Forgot How To Dog

Being a dog isn’t always easy. Just ask…

1. Cooper: who’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


2. Max: who wins the gold medal for being awful at playing catch.


3. Lucy: who learned the hard way to never crawl inside a mixing bowl.


4. Lily: who might actually be a mop.


5. Tobey: who needs to recharge his batteries immediately.


6. Willie: who is not exactly nailing this whole walking thing.


7. Jack: who might have been absent they day they learned about stairs in dog school.


8. Baxter: who has just given up entirely.


9. Murphey, who’s so hungry he can’t stand it.


10. Lucy, who probably won’t be reaching her destination for several hours.


11. Rufus: who forgot how to properly take a nap.


12. Roxie: who is doing her part to clean the house.


13. Charlie: who might benefit from a different chew toy.


14. Maggie: who wants a treat but has no idea what to do next.


15. Sam: who forgot that going through the cat door is ALWAYS a bad idea.


16. Max: who forgot that the park is often filled with mean tricks.


17. Molly: who just discovered her evil twin.


18. And Oliver: who just found out that toilets are not tiny little pug bathtubs.

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