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10 Fun Travel Ideas You Can Do From Home – 2024 Guide

If you’ve caught the travel bug, it’s incredibly frustrating to be stuck indoors. There’s probably a lot that you’ve done to keep busy. You might have already tried the ultimate time-killers like watching TV, shopping, or browsing casino Portugal.online to find the best online casino.

While this absent-minded fun can be entertaining for some time, there’s a whole world to explore and fun ideas to try at home.

Victoria Oliveira is here to recommend some fun travel ideas to keep you busy. Creating new memories while you are at home is possible!

1. Watch Live Streams

img source: cloudfront.net

Many people aren’t aware that hundreds of tourist destinations have 24/7 live streaming cameras available. You can sit back and enjoy your favorite spot in the world without being trampled by the typical crowd of tourists.

This is a fun travel idea, as you can “visit” countries and continents by clicking on a different live stream camera. The options are endless, and the views are breathtaking.

So, grab the sunscreen and sunglasses and enjoy a beautiful Lagos beach live stream. Too hot for your liking? Wear your snow boots and visit Iceland.

2. Enjoy a Virtual Tour

Another fun travel-from-home option is taking advantage of the arts and culture street view from Google. Browse the streets of New York or stroll through historical museums.

Almost any landmark you could think of is available as a virtual guided tour. It’s an exciting way to view the world. You can take your time here and not worry about getting lost or missing your flight.

It’s also an excellent way to explore the world and learn historical facts without the expense of hopping on a plane to visit each destination.

3. Start a Video Chat

img source: parade.com

While on the topic of live stream cameras and virtual tours, it’s always delightful to connect with loved ones. With the technology we have available, you can schedule a video call with friends and family and exchange travel stories.

Taking turns to relive the memories allows everyone to live vicariously through the speaker. Learning about other people’s experiences can also help you to decide on your future travel destinations.

4. Go for a Scenic Drive

img source: nationalgeographic.com

Most of us don’t realize how beautiful our own country is. Break the cabin fever, climb in the car, and go for a drive.

There are spectacular views and hidden gems across the country. Take the opportunity of quiet roads to explore the country.

Some of the best routes and roads aren’t appreciated enough by locals. Be a tourist in your own country. Some of the best trips and scenic drives include the ones through Tras-os-Montes, Douro Valley, and Sintra.

5. Recreate Memories

img source: freepik.com

A fun thing to do at home is re-visiting favorite holiday and travel memories. Playing music that reminds you of a specific trip and browsing through photos is nostalgic and satisfying.

Taking it a step further by creating a scrapbook with pictures, notes, tickets, and receipts will bring those memories to life. This activity carries you back to that time and place while you capture the moments in physical form.

You could also start a travel journal and reminisce about holidays and destinations that you’ve visited.

6. Check Out Some Travel Shows

img source: squarespace-cdn.com

Travel shows are an underrated way to learn about the world. There are countless streaming services and documentaries available. Make a list of the best travel shows and tackle it one by one.

Explore the cultures, cuisines, and history of different parts of the world. It’s an excellent way to learn about different communities and discover places you might not have known existed.

The options are endless because each show is unique. Some focus on culture or cuisine, others explore nature and wildlife. You have the world at your fingertips.

7. Indulge in Traditional Cuisine

img source: asianinspirations.com.au

Food is closely tied to countries and cultures, so what a better way to indulge in a new culture than cooking up a storm!

If you’ve traveled anywhere out of Portugal, you’ll know that each country has traditional techniques of food preparation. Look for recipes and learn about how people of your favorite destinations cook.

Gather the ingredients and dive into the world of international cuisine. With thousands of dishes and recipes for every country, you have a bottomless well of inspiration for every day.

8. Plan a Vacation

img source: scenicsuitcase.com

Instead of sitting at home and only dreaming of the next getaway, start planning and researching your next holiday.

Make a list of places to visit for your next vacation: landmarks, restaurants, tours, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to plan a full trip. Even if you can’t act on those plans right now, they’ll be ready for when you do have the chance to travel again.

This option is also a fantastic way to give the tourism industry professionals hope. Your interest shows them that things will eventually settle, and traveling will be as exciting as it was before.

9. Learn a Foreign Language

img source: acedtranslations.com

Traveling to a foreign land and not knowing the language can make you feel like an alien. It’s also frustrating when you cannot communicate because of a language barrier.

This is a superb opportunity to learn a new language. We’re often so busy in the hustle and bustle of daily life that we can’t make time for learning a new skill, let alone a new language.

There are countless apps and courses available online. You can take up the language with a family member to make it more fun and increase accountability.

10. Hold Culture Days

img source: tvdsb.ca

Saving the best for last, culture days and nights can be extremely entertaining. Learn about different aspects of a country: lifestyle, history, language, music, and food. Make a day of quietly unravelling the culture.

Listen to the local music, learn some of their dances, make traditional food, dress to the occasion, and decorate the living area to bring the atmosphere to life. Everyone in the house can do some research and exchange knowledge.

With a bit of creativity, the options are endless.


Don’t fall into the gloom and doom of quarantine – there’s a world to explore without actually travelling. Try some of these activities, or combine a few to create a truly unique experience!

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