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3 Budget Ideas For a Perfect Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important things in one’s life. Therefore, everyone has a certain plan regarding this and people also have savings for the big day. However, the average cost of a wedding is still high. Only the dress itself is quite expensive and then there is makeup and all. But these things are for yourself therefore, you cannot cut the cost here.

Apart from this, you will have the wedding ceremony and reception. The cost of food and hall is also quite high. And if you hire a professional wedding planner then he will also have his fee. Thus, the overall cost will increase. If you want, you can cut the cost from different areas.

For example, instead of going for a well-known brand, it is completely okay to buy an affordable wedding dress. For example, Bruidsmodeoutlet has various stores and has a wide collection of wedding dresses. The amazing thing is that their aim is to provide affordable wedding dresses. Thus, you will find something of your choice.
Be sure to visit someone as the aforementioned professionals. Be and contact with someone who will adhere to your preferences. Furthermore, they will offer professional services and designers when you visit the store.

The designer can help you out in buying a dress that will look good according to your body type. Likewise, you can also cut the cost of a wedding planner and try to do things yourself. You can ask your friends to help you out and believe me this is not something difficult. All you need to do is to spend some time and that’s it. You can have a perfect wedding even without a planner. And here are some of the other ways that will help you out in reducing the overall cost of your wedding.

1. Manage your savings

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Of course, you will have some savings for your wedding day. Even if it is not too much, you will definitely have saved a lot after deciding on the wedding. But you need to be careful here. Although all your savings are for the big day but it is not necessary to utilize them all. You can write down all the expenses and have an estimate of how much you will spend but there are unexpected things in life. Therefore, you should make a spreadsheet with 3 columns. The first column should include the estimated price that you expect to spend.

The second column should include the modified amount. And then the 3rd column should include the actual amount. You might forget something while making the budget and overspend the amount. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to write down the amount that you have. Of course, not only yours but also your fiancées’. This amount should not include all the bank balances. You need to keep some amount (3 months’ pay) apart for emergencies. If your wedding date is not set yet and you do not have much savings, you can start doing it now.

You can divide your savings and make different sections. If you need to pay any loan, keep some amount for that. If you just have got the job, leave some amount for emergencies if you lose the job. And then start saving for your wedding. Everyone gets married one day, even if you don’t want to, your decision might change. Therefore, once you start your job, it is better to start savings instead of spending lavishly. You deserve to live a good life but you do not have to spend every single penny of your income. Even if you don’t spend the savings on your wedding, they can be helpful in some other way.

2. No need to upgrade everything now

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One of the major mistakes that people make during their wedding planning upgrades. They need to buy new furniture, renovate the home, and buy a new car and whatnot. But is it necessary? No, it isn’t. You do not need to upgrade every single thing in your life. You are planning to get married not to get into debt. So keep your mind clear from such ideas.

Make the budget after calculating the amount that you can actually spend on the event. And if you still have some amount left, you can use it for buying some new furniture. Likewise, you should only upgrade the things that are really necessary. For example, your car is in a bad condition but you have been going through it. However, now you have money as well as the right timing. So it is better to change it on time.

3. Do it yourself


Instead of hiring a wedding planner, you should try out things yourself. For example, a florist can ask for a hefty sum for some custom designs. However, if you go to a wholesaler, you can buy all the flowers in bulk and get a discount on them. Furthermore, you will still have a lot left for other areas. Use these flowers to make the required settings.

Likewise, no need to order a wedding cake. Usually, cakes are not that expensive but a wedding cake costs many times higher. Therefore, if you want to cut the cost, it is better to make the cake in your home. And if you are not a good chef, you can buy cakes of different sizes and make a multistory design. It is not a difficult thing to do and you can try doing it before that final day.

In addition to this, printing paper invitations also costs some amount. But this is not necessary. Digital invitations are already quite famous. You can create your own invitation card on any digital platform and send it to your guests online. This will not only reduce the cost but will also save a lot of your time. You do not have to visit every single friend to invite him.

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