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What Are The 10 Top Products You Should Purchase In A Smoke Shop? – 2024 Guide

If you are new to buying cannabis products or tobacco products, you might be wondering where to start. Whether you are a beginner who needs to buy their first cannabis accessory, or you are an advanced user who wants to try something different, purchase one of these top ten most popular products!

Ten popular smoke shop products to purchase for your first time!

If you are new to smoking, don’t worry – everyone starts somewhere! Since there are so many smoking methods that you can choose from to meet your personal preference and smoking style, you might be wondering where to start.

If you’re a beginner, you might not even know where to begin. If this is the case, consider asking someone who works in the smoke shop for some guidance and advice. Since it will be your first time, you don’t want to purchase an accessory or apparatus that is too strong for you. In this case, we would stay away from certain items like bongs and dab rigs that can be more intense and more complicated to use. For beginners, sticking with simple and easy-to-use options, like vape pens, are a good option for first-time use.

If you’re used to being in a smoke shop, then you can consider purchasing more complicated pieces like dab rigs, bongs, bowls, and items that can give you a stronger high. Let’s see some of the most popular smoke shop products, which you can find from The Freeze Pipe, to purchase during your next time shopping online or at an in-person dispensary in your area!

1. CBD e juice

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Although this is an accessory that is lesser known than other top ten items CBD e-juice is essential for use with a

vape pen! Since this is one of the healthiest options when it comes to smoking and getting high, many people choose this to give their lungs a break from constantly inhaling heavy smoke and harsh chemicals. Cbd e-juice can be used with cannabis, such as THC, or with CBD and other herbs for increased versatility. In addition, you can use this CBD e-juice in public, since there are no strong smells that will alert other people that you’re smoking weed or smoking a dry herb.

Cbd-e juices can be used with portable vaporizers that are perfect for bringing on trips, bringing with you outside, or bringing to friends’ houses. The portability makes it a good choice for those who like to smoke outdoors or smoke with their friends.

2. Bongs

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Another popular option to buy from your local smoke shop is bongs, a fun and intense method of getting high that is great to have at parties and friend’s houses. Since bongs are fun to share with friends, can be customized any way you want, and come in funky shapes and colors, they are often a staple at house parties and a great piece to have in your living room. Since they come in different sizes and shapes, you can choose exactly what type of bong is perfect for your needs.

3. Rolling papers

The third item that you can normally find at a smoke shop is rolling papers, the piece of the puzzle that’s needed for using dry herbs and cannabis flowers. If you enjoy the process of rolling your own joint for smoking cannabis, rolling papers are the way to go. You can choose what type of paper you want, with some being made of hemp, and others being made of wood pulp or rice straw.

4. Pipes

The fourth item you can purchase from an online or in-person smoke shop is pipes, a great alternative to using bongs or bowls pipes are easy to use, easy to transport, and a great step up from joints when you are transitioning to using bowls or bongs. Pipes don’t contain water, which means a harsher inhale, but they provide clean and intense hits to the user. Smoke Honest offers the best pipes that you might be interested in. You can visit them and explore their modern smoking accessories.

5. Bubbler

img source: fatbuddhaglass.com

The next item to purchase from a smoke shop is a bubbler. If you enjoy pipes, bowls, or bongs, you will love a bubbler, since a bubbler is basically just a portable version of a bong. With a small water chamber, this type of smoking method provides cleaner hits than those smoking apparatuses that do not contain water.

6. E-cigarettes

img source: news.psu.edu

For those who want to quit smoking or enjoy using vape pens, e-cigarettes are a great day to slowly cut back on your smoking habits and lead a healthier lifestyle. Instead of inhaling the harmful chemicals, toxins, and smoke that you will get with a cigarette, you will just be inhaling vapors that are better for your lungs and long-term health. You can use e-cigarettes simply by pressing a button, which is similar to the process of using a vape pen.

7. Hookah

Although this is less common in America than in parts of Europe, hookah products are still popular smoking items to purchase at a smoke shop. The long apparatuses have multiple hoses, mouthpieces, and one long stem that holds the shisha. Great for parties and for socializing at hookah bars, hookah is a common social activity that involves smoking tobacco or cannabis.

8. Dab rigs

A dab rig involves multiple accessories, which can make it more complicated for beginner use. With the dab rig, you heat the nail with a torch and produce a vapor that you then inhale. Similar to the high that you will get from advanced apparatuses, such as bongs, this high is intense and long-lasting.

9. Grinders

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Albeit not glamorous, grinders are necessary for grinding the cannabis flower that you purchase into finer material to put into a bowl or a joint. Grinders are essential for breaking down the bigger chunks of cannabis flower into smaller parts that can be inhaled.

10. Vape pens

The final item to purchase from a smoke shop is a vape pen. Vape pens are easy to use, portable, stylish, and discrete for use in public places. A great option for beginners since you can control the length of the pit and the high vape pens also taste good and come in different flavors!


If you are new to buying cannabis products at a smoke shop, don’t worry – just follow this guide to buy one of the top 10 products to help you as a beginner smoker.

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