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List of 11 Fun Stuff You Can Do Online When You’re Bored

It is hard to imagine anyone feels bored when having internet access. The Internet has become a universe containing so many things and information, that it is difficult for the mind to comprehend such complexity. But there’s another side to having so many opportunities. People start being bored, when they’re not able to decide on which activity to choose.

Many have come to the point where they’ve watched all the series and movies, baked all the cakes they wanted to try, and bought everything that could be bought online. Now it’s time to kill boredom with something else, and we suggest you try out some of the fun things from our list.

1. A virtual get together

Source: manycam.com

You must have a friend who you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time, and both of you could use a quality talk. But the friend lives far away, so visiting and meeting in person is impossible. Use your free time and video call him. Make a cup of coffee and it will feel as if you’re sitting together. Use this time to plan a visit, or going for a drink, dinner, or a walk around the city, when you both have time. The biggest gift internet has given us is the opportunity to connect to people anytime and anywhere.

2. Read

When you’re overwhelmed with commitments, it’s hard to set aside time to read. But when you finally get to a point boredom sets in because of free time, use it to enjoy a book you’ve been wanting to read for a long time. If you can’t get to the book, buy it and download it electronically. And if you don’t like books, grab a bunch of online magazines.

So many interesting things to read can be found online, so why not read a selection of love letters written by famous people. Or famous historical letters of celebrities, poets, writers, politicians, scientists, and others. It’s easy to forget the time when you read a letter of recommendation that Marie Curie wrote for Albert Einstein. How cool is that?

3. Find your dream home

Source: portsidebuilders.com

Dreaming is free, but some say it’s a part of creative visualization that can actually lure things you want in your life to happen. In that case, let your imagination go wild and imagine what your dream house would look like. Open your favorite real estate search sites and set the price to the maximum. Which house would you choose if you have the money? There are also fun apps you can use to design your dream home, so if you can’t find some you like, design it and furnish it the way you want.

4. Try your luck

Trying something you haven’t done before, like gambling can be fun and as a result, can be rewarding as well. Experience Vegas-like activities, by trying out a couple of slots. There’s no need to feel guilty or afraid that you may lose because online gambling is all about bonuses. Go now and use your free spins to have some fun and maybe win some profit as well.

5. Spy on weather, anywhere in the world

Source: technology-solved.com

Do you think spying on the weather is boring? Some pages provide incredibly accurate weather data in your area or any other location. You will surely forget in time when you start guessing the temperature in different cities around the world. Moreover, you go through the time and check what the weather was like on important dates like your birthday.

6. Search the music through time and space

There are music pages with a really interesting concept, like Radiooooo. You can click on an area and listen to music that is, at a given time, popular in that area. So, when you click on for example Sweden, 1950, you will listen to the music popular in Sweden at that time. Going through this musical time machine will at least steal your afternoon.

7. Workout


Who says workout can’t be fun. There are so many concepts available online, that doing a different workout every day is possible. If you are bored of doing sit-ups and push-ups all the time, type some fun exercises (cardio or similar …) on YouTube or work out by learning a choreography of a famous dance hit! Is there anything better than having fun while getting your body in shape?

8. Try out new applications

This activity requires only a smartphone and an internet connection. Browse your app store and see what it has to offer based on your taste. It can be a cool game, photo editing software, planner, or something else.

9. Improve your knowledge

Source: chieflearningofficer.com

Today, everyone likes to know as much information as possible, especially those that can be used for something. Internet is a great platform offering tons of free information related to different topics for those who like to use it smartly. You can even attend a free course from a highly rated university and get a certificate after completion. Some of these Universities, like Yale, offer free courses every year, so might as well finish one and attach it to your CV.

10. Shopping

Everyone loves to shop. Those who say they don’t, lie! Browsing through different selling platforms can last for hours. If it ends up with a couple of purchases, even better. Think of a couple of things you may need, maybe new training gear, search the web for the sellers and treat yourself to a good old shopping afternoon.

11. Search yourself

Source: westend61.de

Have you ever done this? You may be surprised by the photos of you available online when searching your name. In the end, killing boredom online is always fun. It takes you places you didn’t even plan to go. However, don’t make it a habit. It’s ok to spend time online, but there are other ways to kill boredom, that don’t require any device or internet.

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