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Top 7 Guy Tips When Buying Lip Products for Their Girlfriends

Lips are among the three things people notice first in women. It makes sense that you want to buy your lover lipstick to make her stand out and feel special. Buying lip products can be tricky for a man, it’s alien territory. Thank God for online shopping and this article; you will be getting the best gift for your girlfriend. Women have been using these products like lip gloss for years, but they have evolved with time. You are going to need some guy tips for buying lip products for your girlfriend. First, you need to make online shopping your close friend. That way, you won’t have to go from store to store looking for the right lipstick. You can access everything in one place, and there are great deals all the time. Here are all the guy tips you will need.

1. Know Her Skin Tone

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First things, first! Determined her skin tone and let that be your guiding tool. The five primary skin tones are deep, light, tan, fair, and medium. Once you know where your girlfriend falls, you can go ahead to find the product. Different skin tones go well with different shades. Some shades might not agree with your lover’s tone; you need to keep away from them. Take advantage of all online coupons and surprise her with the best gift. Ask the website if it’s possible for them to send a sample. If they can send, it will be easy to select the one product best suited for your girlfriend.

2. The shape of Her Lips Matter

You may think the shape doesn’t affect the lip product you choose, but it does. Avoid the flashy and dark shades for thin lips because they will make your girl’s lips look thinner. Unless she likes it that way, then you can buy the colors. The aim is to please her; all the products you buy have to be something she likes. When you start browsing the products online, keep in mind your girlfriend’s lips’ shape and size. If the voucher codes limit you to the product you think she might not like, you can look for other great deals. Plump lips do not do well with shades that are too light and glossy.

3. Quality

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Ladies know all the cheap stuff and all the big brands of lip products. If you want to go all out and leave an impact, always go for the quality. The low prices are tempting, but you risk getting something your girlfriend doesn’t like. Click here for the best offers and quality lip products that will blow her mind. A cheap lip tint may appear great when packaged, but it may not look the same when your girlfriend wears it. Usually, good quality products are pricey; the best way to go about using a coupon code. You can even collect the codes and redeem them to get the highest quality in the online shop.

4. Learn About Lip Products

There is a variety of lip products, do yourself a favor and learn something little about them. If you have no idea about these items and you start shopping, you will encounter things that will be confusing. You will also learn which brands are suitable for which lip products. So, when you decide that you are getting lip gloss, you will know the best type to go for. Familiarizing with these products doesn’t have to be serious classwork; you can ask friends for help. Once you have the basics, it will be easy to determine your girlfriend’s best gift. When you shop blindly, you will probably get the most expensive product which will not fit your girlfriend. Everything looks fantastic online; it is easy to get carried away. But if you go there knowing what you want, it is easy to choose.

5. Consider Eye and Hair Color

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Most ladies consider their hair color and eyes when buying these lip products. The last thing you want is to buy a fancy gift that will not be worn until she changes her hair. Don’t go for shades that will clash; the shades you choose should complement her hair, complexion and eyes. Some online products have descriptions; they will help you make the best choice. If you are not sure, you can ask. But ask friends if it’s meant to be a surprise for your partner. Girls can be insightful about which shade goes better with which hair color and eyes. That way you can choose the most flattering color for her.

6. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews will tell you so much about these products. The reviews come from people who have used the product before. Their experiences will tell you the products that are worth buying and the ones that are not. Use the insight you get to aid in getting the perfect gift. Nothing beats genuine reviews from first-hand experiences. There are online shops that publish their reviews, and others allow you to ask questions. Either way, you will get very useful Intel, and all your questions and concerns will be addressed. The reviews are essential because with shopping online, you will purchase the product without trying. Sometimes you can get the shade wrong; if the shop doesn’t accept returns, it gets tricky. Because you would have lost money without putting a smile on your girlfriend’s face

7. Go Nuts!

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If you have an online coupon code, or you have been collecting voucher codes, it’s time to go nuts. Based on her complexion, hair and eyes, you have probably established the shades that are best for your partner. Get every shade or every lip product you can afford. Make a small collection of all her favorite lip products. Focusing on one product can also make a significant impact, but it requires you to get it right on all levels. A good tip is to go for everything; that way, you will make up with another if you miss one item. It’s almost impossible for her to dislike each product you decide to purchase. Even when you get everything, you still have to consider the shades and quality.


Now that you know how to get the best lip products for your girlfriend, you have to master the art of shopping online. You first need to find a website that offers a variety of products. With limited options, you won’t get the chance to go for the perfect item. Then look for the vouchers and coupons and get as many as possible, then double up and use them once. With that, you are guaranteed the best gift possible.

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