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How To Perfect Your E-scooter Commute – 2024 Guide

The e-scooter, as an increasingly popular means of transport, is a novelty and a challenge for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Today, it is used mostly for commuting – because it is perfect to avoid traffic jams. Therefore, improving the driving of electric scooters is crucial, especially in terms of safety. So we will reveal to you how to perfect your e-scooter commute.

Before You Perfect Commuting – Learn More About Regulations

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If you’ve been thinking about buying or renting an e-scooter – you’ve probably wondered how to perfect your commute to make it as safe as possible. You are not the only one interested in this topic. The whole thing is quite serious – and not always quite clear to everyone. With the growing popularity of e-scooters in European and world cities – it is an increasingly important issue for many users of these vehicles. There are a few important things you should know about laws but also traffic safety. At the moment, regulations in many states and cities – still don’t recognize electric scooters as a means of transportation. This means that in some places you are not limited by certain rules. However, you are responsible and safe for yourself and others.

How To Improve Your E-Scooter Safe Driving

Driving and operating the electric scooter itself is very simple. For starters, we advise you to read the instructions – and make sure to purchase protective equipment. Here’s what else you need to perfect commuting with your e-scooter.

Driving E- Scooter

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Driving and operation are very simple, and if you have no experience with scooters – we suggest that you rent an electric scooter first and try riding. Charge the electric scooter and try to push off with one foot – while the other is on the tread of your vehicle. If you’ve never ridden a regular scooter – give yourself some time to get used to and master balance and cornering at low speeds. In the beginning, we do not advise you to use an electric scooter drive – just push off with your foot. When you feel safer and more stable –  you can turn on the scooter. The starting should look like this:

  • Stand with one foot on the scooter tread.
  • Slowly push off with your other foot to get going.
  • When the scooter starts to move, stand on it with both feet.
  • Slowly press the gas button.
  • When you release it, most electric scooters will activate KERS (energy recovery system) – and you will slowly slow down.
  • If you want to slow – press the disc brake lever, and when you slow down enough, lower one on the asphalt.
  • To turn, lean slowly to that side and avoid turning – by turning the steering wheel sharply. That way you will just fall.

A Few More Tips For Safer Driving

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  • Do not accelerate on downhills.
  • Disc brakes are very efficient, so be careful when braking hard.
  • Avoid holes and elevations.
  • Do not try to go down or climb stairs – even when they seem low.
  • Do not press the throttle while pushing the scooter and you walk beside it.
  • Do not carry heavy bags and scooter items.
  • Always hold the steering wheel with both hands.

Take Care Of Traffic Regulations

As soon as you buy or rent an electric scooter, you have to decide where you will ride it. Options are sidewalk, driveway, and bike paths. Although it is not clearly defined everywhere – for now, you should be able to ride scooters everywhere. However, wherever you ride an electric scooter, whether you drive on the sidewalk or the road – you are obliged to take care of other participants in traffic as well as traffic regulations.

Keep Your Distance And Obey Regulations In Pedestrian Zones

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Be aware that electric scooters are still new, unlike bicycles. The thing is that people easily and without thinking recognize a cyclist and know at what speed they are moving. The position of the body with electric scooters is different – a person with lowered hands will look like a pedestrian to people at first glance. And that is a potential problem, but also a danger. So be especially careful, keep your distance and leave enough space for braking and reaction. Also, the regulation that limits the maximum allowed speed of all vehicles moving in pedestrian zones – seems to apply to electric scooters too. And that’s only 10 kilometers per hour – which is, according to turboant.com, more than twice less than the maximum speed of the average electric scooter.

Wear Protective Equipment And Be Careful While Riding E-Scooter

The most important thing you should know is that you are slower on an electric scooter than cars and other vehicles – but you are much faster than pedestrians, so you are potentially dangerous for them. That means that the responsibility is on you and your common sense. Make sure you wear a helmet, as well as clothes of striking colors, or, say, a fluorescent vest – so that other drivers and pedestrians can spot you more easily and quickly. Pay special attention to children who are unpredictable in behavior.

Wear A Helmet

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Wherever you drive you should always wear a helmet. The choice is great, and the helmets are not too expensive. Don’t forget to look for helmets designed for bicycles – and they must have all the necessary safety certificates. Therefore, helmets for other sports are not recommended as they are made for different dangers and situations. Bicycle helmets and electric scooters are designed to protect your head from blunt shocks – which are the greatest danger when riding. It is important to choose a helmet of the right size that suits you perfectly. Therefore, always try it on before buying. Also, never buy used helmets – as their characteristics and ability to protect you decrease with age.

Plus Tip

You will also get a charger with your electric scooter, and we advise you to use only it – that is, the original model. All others can damage or destroy the battery and even the electronics of the device.

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