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How to Write Essay Fast: 10 Tips From an Expert Essay Writer

Regardless of how much a teacher reminds and warns the students not to delay the assignment submission, they procrastinate and get all panicky when the deadline approaches. Sometimes too many assignments or tight deadlines also lead to poorly written essays and lower grades.

That’s why many students choose to write my essay online at EssayService to learn by example and finally be able to cope with all those tasks without a hassle. An expert’s take on how to write an essay in a hurry without compromising the quality is all you need if you are also peddling in the same boat.

Hence, we have compiled some practical tips from a professional essay writer on how you can draft good essays in a limited time. Read on!

10 Tips to Write Essay Faster

If the deadline allows, we recommend you take sufficient time to work on your assignments. There’s no match to the quality of a paper when it is written with thorough research and deep analysis. With that said, let’s dive in and discuss the tips right away!

1. Calm Down

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When you realize you can’t escape a fast-approaching deadline and have the whole assignment pending, you panic. But remember, this agitation will only add to the delay since you can’t think straight and will no longer be in a state to work on your essay properly.

Instead, take a deep breath, calm yourself down, and affirm that you can do it. And if you still feel anxious and can’t focus, look for essay writer help online.

2. Understand Your Assignment

First thing first, read your assignment and instructions carefully 2-3 times to understand what is required of you. If you are not assigned a topic, choose one you are familiar with or have good knowledge about. If a topic is already given, read the question and see what particulars are instructed.

3. Set Your Environment Right

Before you jump to writing, find a good place with no distractions, a place where you don’t feel lazy. Clean your desk to have ample space to keep everything you need handy. Besides, keep all necessary items readily available, such as books, stationery, a laptop, a charger, snacks, and your water bottle.

You can’t afford to waste time searching for stuff or running errands. The best essay writers are always organized and eliminate distractions before starting to work.

4. Log off From Social Accounts

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The most important step is to log out from all your social accounts. Even if you don’t remember the passwords to log back in, you can reset your passwords later. But right now, all you need is a distraction-free environment. If possible, keep your phone away, close all the unnecessary tabs on your computer, and only open research pages and a word editor.

5. Take Notes While Researching

Keep a notepad and pen handy to take notes while researching. Write everything important that you wish to include in your essay. These notes can later be typed in the editor backed by relevant evidence to make proper paragraphs connecting to your central argument.

Try not to deviate from the central theme in your effort to finish it faster. Many essay writers like to note down the main argument on a piece of paper and keep it in sight to ensure being aligned with it throughout.

6. Create an Outline

Always create an outline first. The outline makes it easy for you to connect the ideas and divide them into proper segments.

Follow the standard essay format: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Now, add further subheadings and divisions to the body to construct a detailed outline that is easy to be filled with your argument and necessary information.

7. Set Down the Body First

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The introduction takes the most time since you have to write an intriguing segment that encourages the reader to dive more into your write-up. The best essay writers advise that you should not waste much time on it in the beginning. Once you finish the essay, you will have more clarity about what to include in the introduction and conclusion to give your write-up the direction you want.

8. Type or Use Speech-To-Text 

If not specifically asked for a handwritten essay, you can always benefit from typing it out. Typing takes a lot less time than writing. Even better, you can install speech-to-text software.

These kinds of plug-ins work with most editors. Some browsers even have in-built extensions that allow you to speak your content and convert it into text. This is the best hack to write fast when you are running out of time.

9. Reference Your Sources Alongside

Finishing and finalizing a piece of writing takes even more time than writing it. Citation is one of those tasks that, if you leave for the end, you will dread more. You can even mess it up if you finish your essay right before the deadline and have no time to pay attention to references.

Hence, it is best to reference your sources as soon as you include a point in your paper. Many professional essay writer service providers also use this hack.

10. Proofread on the Go

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Proofreading is an essential part of writing. So, escaping it is not even an option. However, since you are in a hurry, you might not get enough time to proofread your essay at the end.

Thus, it is advisable to proofread your sentences and paragraphs on the go. You can finish writing one segment and review it for errors before moving to the next one. But in case you are left with some extra time, proofread your write-up once again.

Bonus Tip 

Panic and anxiety may encourage you to take an easy route. But that easy route is not always ethical. So, no matter how tempted you feel to copy-paste someone else’s work or use a part of another paper, refrain from doing so. You don’t want to land in legal trouble.

If there’s no way you can articulate a good essay, look for the best essay writers online and seek help.


Pulling an all-nighter or finishing an essay within 24 hours is not a flex. Regardless of how expert a writer you are, haste is not good for the quality of your write-ups. But if the situation demands, you must be able to produce a well-written essay within a tight deadline effectively. Hope the above tips will help you!

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