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15 Signs Your Mother Is The Most Awesome Best Friend In The World

She laughs at every silly joke that you crack. If these points describe your mom, what else do you need in this whole wide world? What you have is enough for a whole lifetime and may be next too.

1. The first day you both met, you clicked instantly.


It felt like all of it was planned (well it was) – your meeting and your mom teary eyed. Everything was planned, as if she knew she had just met her soulmate.

Then came the smiles obviously.

“Thank god it’s you!”

2. Now, you both are busy on the phone talking to each other all the time everyday.


It doesn’t matter if you’re in the same house, different house, different city or different country, you can’t take one step ahead without calling her and telling her all about it. “Mom, you know what happened in school today? You won’t believe it.”

3. And no matter what, she always picks up.


We all know moms are the bosses in the house and they have a hectic schedule but she still picks up your call every single time.

4. You both are partners in everything.


Partners in the bathroom to partners in binge-eating, you have come a long way. “Who cares how much I’m eating? It’s my mother and she won’t ever think I’m fat. Yay!”

5. You are capable of having the longest conversations with her over coffee, tea or simply milk.


You don’t need alcohol to lose all inhibitions and talk to her about life, your future and what you think of your present. There’s never a good or a bad time to talk to her about ANYTHING, there’s just ‘time’ that she has endlessly for you.

6. She always knows what you’re thinking and you, what she’s about to say.


You know she knows every time there’s something you’ve been hiding but each time, you go like “Mommm!!! How do you get to know?” And she says, “I’m your mother remember?”

7. You can tell her the most embarrassing things that you think are true and she won’t judge you EVER.


“Mom, I was so nervous today, I shat in my pants. Literally.”

8. She has never shied away from giving you the most embarrassing and amazingly useful advices.


“You’re the most beautiful person in the world. Till you feel it, you won’t believe it.”

9. Cheering you up is a cake-walk for her.


There’s nothing that she doesn’t know about you, there can’t be. Hence, she knows the most awesome ways to cheer you up instantly.

10. There’s no way anyone can point a finger at you in front of her because she’ll point a finger at them and that won’t be good.


Whatever happens, whenever it happens, she’ll always ask YOU first. And no matter who’s fault it is, you will be given benefit of the doubt AND she’ll support you, even at times when you’re at fault (but you’re not supposed to know that).

11. She makes sure you know she’s around always even when she isn’t.


Moms are gifted with a sixth sense when it comes to their kids, I’m guessing.

12. There are things only she and you enjoy doing together.


Trying on each and every piece of clothing that you bought on one fine shopping spree and going mad with excitement. When she’s not around, you often cry a little after a long day of shopping.

13. She’s the proudest person in the world when you do something nice.


Even if it’s just another exam or test, she makes sure it’s a big deal and she tells you how much it means to her because that’s how she’s kept you going all your life. “Motivation is the key to success,” apparently.

14. She is the person you turn to when all fails and you feel like it’s the end of the world for you.


Well let me first tell you, there’s never an “end to the world” no matter what happens. Moving on, those times when you’re really down, whether it’s a bad day or a bad break up, the first person you think of is HER. This is the exact same feeling you get in your dreams – when something goes wrong, you shout “Mummy” and not “daddy”. In fact, there comes a point when she’s actually a “Superhero” in your eyes and that’s very true, to a great extent.

15. You keep thinking of ways to make her happy and when you’re finally able to see a fraction of a smile that she’s always brought on your face, on her face…


… your day and life are made because you really don’t get many opportunities to do things for her since all your life, it’s her who takes care of that. The day you achieve that smile, you feel like you’ve conquered the world, just a little bit.

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