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Do Laser Caps Really Work for Hair Growth – 2024 Guide

Genetics is what hugely define who we are and how do we look. Thanks to genetics some are bulky, others slim, some are tall, others short, and so on you probably get where we are aiming at.

Genetics also define what sort of hair and hairline will have. As you can see the topic of the day is hair growth and the ways you can enhance it if you are having these kinds of problems. To be perfectly honest hair loss or the lack of hair in certain places of the scalp may be induced by an illness or a disease and those who had a full head of hair before that are now suffering greatly. Thankfully there is plenty of solution from those that are as simple as a scalp massage with special cremes and oils to those that require you to see a doctor and have hair transplanted.

What we are discussing today is something that is in between these two instances, and maybe somewhat closer to the first type – meaning you can do this at home by yourself without a doctor and someone to take care of you. We are talking about Laser caps and we will try and tell you the real truth behind them and whether they are working or not. If you need more info, you can always check here.

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OK, let’s begin slowly. Laser caps or red laser therapy helmets are supposed to iridate photons into your scalp and by doing so your scalp tissue and your hair follicles are supposed to absorb these photons and grow hair more quickly. To simplify the entire deal the red lasers, and yes, they are laser and are different than those LED caps which are just LED lights, are attacking weak follicles in the scalp tissue and are making them grow hair. For those that are concerned this type of therapy has been FDA approved and it is, by them, a less invasive procedure than a hair transplant is. It comes down to aiding circulation in the scalp region and by an increase in circulation, it also stimulates, feeds if you like, hair follicles to grow new hair. For a good natural hair growth product, click here.

As with any product like this you can find a lot of different makes and models on the internet. You can get anything from a red laser trucker cap, red laser comb to a full-on red laser helmet. The price tags are not that small that we can neglect to comment on that as well. The price of a red laser helmet runs from $500 to $800 depending on the features and the manufacturer while those caps are somewhat pricier. The average price of a red laser cap is around $1000 and it also goes up depending on what it offers and who made it. Those combs that we mentioned before are going from $50 to $100, so when picking try to find something that will suit your needs as well as your budget. The alternative that might save you a bit of your hard-earned money is going to a salon that offers these services and paying maybe half of that price for a session but it becomes economically unjustified if you need more than one session.

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When it comes to the question is this therapy effective, the jury is still delivering on that. Just because something is FDA approved it doesn’t immediately mean that it is efficient and good for you. There have been two major studies regarding this therapy and both of them, pretty much, confirmed this as an effective hair loss treatment for both men and women where the first stated just that while the second stated that a study done on 41 men ages from 18 to 48 showed that they confirmed hair growth in over 40% in 16 weeks. Since this is a relatively new therapy and since there is plenty more research to be done, we will reframe from passing the final judgement because we are all different in our core and what works for one may harm the other.

Like anything, this as well as some pros and cons. Some of the pros to this type of hair loss therapy is that it is non-evasive, there are no side effects that we know of so far, it increases hair strength if nothing else. As far as cons go it is a pretty time-consuming process. When using a cap or the helmet you need to set aside 20 to 30 minutes, at least every other day, per the suggestions. There is a price tag that shouldn’t be neglected as well and it falls into the con section, and the last one is that there are no guaranteed results. There are probably more cons to this but the last major we can think of is that you shouldn’t use this in combination with any medication which makes you photosensitive.

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The bottom line to all of these, widely unresearched and unbacked up with facts products has us all scratching our heads and hoping for the best. Most people swear by these helmets and caps and they swear that this is the only thing that helped them. Others weren’t so lucky and the best that they could see is the fact that their existing hair is only a bit stronger. Until you have some scientific, and hard data behind this we can’t tell you to use it but we will also not tell you to avoid it.

This is something that you can try for yourself and if there is a place report what you found out. If you can afford this sort of a pricy experiment on your hairline then go ahead, since it has no know side effects. Try and see what you will get, especially if your last option is a hair transplant procedure. If there is nothing but that try this before deciding to undertake a hair transplant, you got nothing to lose. Well, nothing but a few hundred dollars.

If you have a physician or a doctor you trust then try and see if this would be a good solution in combination with something else like micro-needling or derma rolling. See if these can even go with each other and if they are OK, then try to combine these to boost your chances of success.

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