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The Use Of 3D Laser Scanning In Home Building And Renovations

When constructing or renovating a house or other type of the building – the complete job depends on prior planning, measurement, calculation, design, etc. So, the work will depend on a set of different processes that must be performed precisely – so that the building or renovation can run according to the original project and be safe. For something like this, today, we count on new 3D scan technology.

3D Laser Scan: Utilizing In Constructing Homes

3D technology has evolved and is now widely spread in the construction business, especially when building houses. And why is it so popular? It is due to its quality of making high-precision 3D measures. The 3D scanning device makes extensive use of light detection and HD measurements. For this purpose, a hand-held device is used for measuring the proportions of the entire object, no matter if it’s a house or an apartment building. That also includes all the textures and contours, whose precise measures represent a special digitalized image of any object. So how is this done, and can we apply 3D technology in construction or renovating houses? To clarify such an issue, we must first explain how this technology works – as well as some standard ways of using this technology in structure and building.

3D Scan-Tech: Principles Of Work

3D scan technology is an imaginative innovation that suggests building experts on how to create a method for recreating a structure in 3D. They do need it for improved precision and effectiveness. The scanner itself is a handheld 3D gadget that permits us to check the whole structure without actual contact. This device has a laser light that skips off the outer layer of the structure, making point clouds, combined within a particular 3D framework Such point clouds are catching the specific form and aspect of the surface – making a precise perspective on the structure. Upheld by specialized software, a scanner converts the recorded estimations into a computerized 3D image. 3D scanners don’t scan just measures – but they can also distinguish exact details, including unpretentious forms and complicated geometric contrasts. This ability provides us with helpful information that construction experts can use to assemble exact projects for new homes or redesign existing ones.

The Practical Use Of 3D Technology In Construction, And Renovation

Today, utilizing 3D laser scanning technology has become commonplace when constructing or renovating homes. The reason for this is the precision and efficiency of the work done in this way. Therefore, it is not surprising that this technology is often used in both regular and industrial construction. Namely, according to 3d-scantech.com, 3D laser scanning enables a fast, accurate, and efficient method of collecting information, such as precise dimensions of the object, etc. In such a precisely determined way, this information helps builders and designers make a building according to the client’s wishes – or renovate and enhance the initial design of the construction. Here’s how we most often use this technology in building and renovation.

● Geodetic measurements

Source: geoverra.com

During construction, it is required to perform all geodetic measurements for planning, management, design, and construction. A 3D scanner can enable us to address specific needs and requirements. That can sometimes be a challenge because we need to find the solutions to meet customer needs. Experienced teams of people are engaged in 3D scanning when it comes to geodetic surveys related to the construction of not only houses – but also entire residential complexes that require urban plans, plans for design, and construction of plumbing, telecommunications, oil, and gas installations, etc.

● Geotechnical engineering

With the help of 3D scan technology, complete geotechnical engineering is performed, offering customers optimal solutions. This technology helps us in the preparation of technical documentation for the needs of the construction of residential buildings, business centers, and infrastructure facilities. 3D scan technology is also used in making technical documentation for the needs of design and execution of works, rehabilitation of potential landslides, etc.

● Simplifies construction processes

Source: ceicomposites.com

When it comes to home building, 3D scan technology has become a significant ally – because it greatly simplifies things. First of all, it can provide us with continuous updating of digital designs during the construction project – so that all possible mistakes can be prevented on time. Also, if needed, we can make some changes at the request of the client. In addition, information gathered using this technology speeds up work – and increases productivity while working on a construction project.

● Use of this technology in house renovation

A large number of houses or buildings planned for renovation are generally quite old. That means that projects and drawing plans probably date before the advent and use of modern 3D scan technology. However, the 3D scan also benefits us here by helping us check the accuracy of these drawings and plans – and with the help of 3D scanning, we can ensure whether and how accurately they represent the current state of the house. That speeds up the whole process because we won’t have to measure and convert sketches to the software program manually. On the contrary! With the help of a scanner, we will estimate the dimensions of the entire object – and operate with the generated 3D model, which is used to conduct renovations.

● 3D scanning prevents alterations during work

Source: laserdesign.com

It is clear to anyone who has ever built or renovated a house that renovations and repairs often happen on the go – that is, during the execution of works. We all know how much time and money it costs us. That is the most significant benefit of 3D scan technology, which will not allow us to break our budget limits. Namely, you can control all possible mistakes, alterations, and the like by creating a reliable 3D model that will help you thoroughly analyze and detect possible problems before they occur. This way, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. So, in a word, you will be able to identify any possible problem before the start of construction and thus prevent an unwanted situation.


3D technology is a modern technology that has evolved to be inconceivable in home buildings or when renovating existing ones. This technology helps both house owners and contractors to save time and money and make precise 3D house models – but also update them if needed. So, in the end, this technology helps us ensure a high-quality final product that will satisfy both builders and customers.

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