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These Hyper Realistic and Amazing Pics Will Instantly Steal Your Breath Away..You Are In For a Surprise

These are works of some of the most incredibly creative and talented people in the world. These pics may seem like they’re real but they’re actually the finest paintings you will ever see.

Rob Heffernan – Oil paints


Samuel Silva – Colored ballpoint pens



Franco Clun – Pencil on watercolor paper


Omar Ortiz – Oil on canvas


Linnea Strid – Oil on wood panel


Pedro Campos – Oil on canvas


Diego Fazio – Pencil on paper


Eloy Morales – Oil on canvas


Robert Longo – Charcoal on mounted paper


Teresa Elliott – Oils


Amy Robins – Color pencils on cartridge paper


Doug Bloodworth – Oil paints



Mike Bayne – Oil on wood panel


Yigal Ozeri – Oil on paper mounted on board


Paul Cadden – Pencil on recycled cartridge paper


Joongwon Charles Jeong – Acrylic on canvas


Armin Mersmann – Pencil


Joshua Suda – Oils


Marcello Barenghi – Colored pencils, pens, and watercolors on pasteboard


Jason de Graaf – Acrylic on canvas


Sarah Graham – Oil on canvas


Robin Eley – Oil on Belgian linen


Paul Lung – Pencil


Emanuele Dascanio – Charcoal and graphite on Schoeller paper


Redosking – Colored pencils


Alyssa Monks – Oil on linen


Kelvin Okafor – Graphite and charcoal on sketching paper


Gottfried Helnwein – Oil and acrylic on canvas


Yanni Flores – Charcoal


Dirk Dzimirsky – Graphite on paper


Gregory Thielker – Oil on canvas


Roberto Bernardi – Oil on canvas


Antonio Castelló Avilleira – Oil on linen


Bertrand Meniel – Acrylic on linen

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