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How To Speed Farm Destiny 2 Gear Upgrades – 2024 Guide

Upgrading gear and leveling up your character is what makes Destiny 2 so fun to play. As Bungie moves their caps higher and higher every season, there’s always something to do in the game, keeping the player base as hooked as ever.

If you’ve decided to reach the pinnacle cap during the Season of the Lost, you’ll need to know how to farm efficiently.

So, in this short guide, we’re going to help you reach your Destiny 2 goals as quickly as possible by providing you with some tips and tricks on farming gear upgrades!

How to farm to reach the 1270 PL soft cap?

If you’re new to the game and you’d like to reach the soft  1270 Power Level cap, you’ll be able to do so extremely quickly, no matter where you get your gear from.

Start by completing the story missions, and play what seems the most fun to you next. Again, there’s always something to do in the game, so you certainly won’t get bored.

We recommend playing Crucible Matches and Public Events if you’d like to reach 1270 PL as quickly as possible.

Additionally, you could always look for locations where you can farm Engram drops. That’s the fastest way to go about it, although it might require you to do some research beforehand. Most players recommend finding a short Lost Sector and replaying it until you’ve reached your Engram goals. Since these locations frequently change, we suggest you join an online community of Destiny 2 players to stay up-to-date on the latest grinding spots.

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How to farm to reach the 1320 PL Powerful cap?

After you’ve reached the first cap, you can no longer rely on all loot to level you up. You’ll need to shift your focus onto the Powerful gear instead. Powerful gear can be obtained by completing weekly challenges such as Trials of Osiris (3rd win), Exo Challenge, and most playlist activities.

While all of these (and more) are a legitimate way to farm powerful gear, if you’d like to do it as quickly as possible, we recommend focusing on collecting bounties for every vendor as your primary objective. You can find detailed guides on these online, so do not hesitate to do so!

Besides that, if you can get your hands on pinnacle gear at this level, it can be a great way to level up fast. Pinnacle gear missions such as Raids may be a bit difficult on this level, but it’s still possible to complete them if you try hard enough.

How to farm to reach the 1330 PL Pinnacle cap?

Acquiring pinnacle gear can be quite tricky to pull off at times. The activities you’ll need to complete are extremely challenging, so it’s not something you can do incredibly quickly. It’s where the true grind starts!

Activities featuring pinnacle loot include Trials of Osiris (flawless, 7th win), Presage, Harbinger, weekly playlists, and more. Besides these, Seasonal Events like the Festival of the Lost are an excellent way to farm this type of gear, so keep them in mind at all times.

Additionally, if you don’t have enough free time to complete these challenges, you could seek assistance from professional players offering destiny 2 boosting services. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re already skilled at the game but simply do not have too much time on your hands to farm pinnacle gear as consistently as you’d want.

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Best farming locations and activities in Destiny 2

Nightfalls: If you’re looking for Masterwork items to upgrade your armor and weapons, Nightfalls are the way to go. If you feel particularly confident in your skills, make sure you play higher difficulty levels to earn valuable rewards.

  • The Vault of Glass: It’s currently the only Raid where you can collect Pinnacle gear. It contains a wide range of weaponry as well as one of the best armors in the game, so don’t forget to try it out!
  • Prophecy: If you do not have a raid team, but you’re in dire need of quality armor, Prophecy is the way to go. It’s the only farmable dungeon in the game, and it’s certainly one of our favorite farming locations to date.
  •  Trials of Osiris: As we’ve mentioned before, there’s no better activity for farming gear updates in the Season of the Lost than this one.

What places to avoid during this season?

  • Astral Alignment: if you’re not farming for Powerful Gear or trying to get an Ager’s Scepter Catalyst, this is simply not worth the effort.
  • Wrathborn Hunts- it’s too time-consuming without having a high enough payoff. Farming a Deafening Whisper is literally the only reason you should ever try playing it.
  • Gambit- If you’d like to spend an eternity playing this game mode only to get a roll you never even wanted, then Gambit is for you.
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If everything else fails, consider seeking some extra guidance from a Sherpa.

Professional Destiny 2 boosters have been serving the community for years now. They can help you reach your goals in no time whatsoever, which makes their services the perfect solution for struggling players. For more information about this visit destiny2-sherpa.com

Again, if you’re short on time these days, but you’d really like to enter the 16th season with max PL, seek help from a Sherpa. It can save you tons of time, all while providing you with the results you truly want.

The bottom line

Overall, depending on your goals for this season, there are many ways you can farm Destiny 2 gear upgrades efficiently and quickly. We suggest you take advantage of the current events such as the Festival of the Lost, all while completing different weekly challenges until you’ve seen some progress.

You can find many farming tips and tricks online, so don’t hesitate to do additional research on the topic.

Either way, we hope our article helped you create your own leveling plan for your Destiny 2 characters, and we wish you the best of luck on your journey to reach the max power cap this season.

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