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What Should Each eSports Betting Website Have? – 2024 Guide

Computer (and even mobile) games are no longer considered a waste of time. Nowadays, there are eSports athletes who make millions of dollars by competing in different LAN and online tournaments.

Slowly but steadily, some eSports titles made their way into the online betting industry. If you take a look at most online betting operators, you will see that they offer at least a few different eSports titles. They might be enough for the average bettor who just wants to have some fun, but every active gamer who wants to bet on eSports should have more options to choose from. That’s why there are gambling operators that decided to focus exclusively on eSports.

Sadly, many people are not aware that there are different betting sites for eSports that you can find on Nostrabet.com, which is why we want to point out several things that you need to look for once you find your preferred eSports bookie.

A valid license and other security options

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The first thing that you need to do before heading over to the betting sections is to make sure that the bookie you’ve chosen is legit. Sadly, there are some eSports betting operators that still do not have a valid license. Moreover, some of them don’t use any security features, which is another red flag.

Even if it says that there is a valid license, you should double-check it by going to the gambling commission website. Once there, use the license number or just contact the customer support team.

In addition to the license, bookies also need to have a useful encryption tool. This thing will make sure that your personal and banking information will stay safe. The good news is that most bookies are using at least several encryption tools, so you shouldn’t have a problem with them.

Another important thing you need to check is the Privacy Policy. Every gambling website will have this document, so once you go through it, you will learn how the operator uses and stores your personal information.

Make sure there are loads of eSports and tournaments that you can choose from

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If your preferred online bookie is legit, head over to the eSports section. Check whether the game you are interested in is available and what are the other things that you can bet on. Once ready, you need to pay special attention to the events that the bookie decided to cover.

Every eSport title has many tournaments, but bookies usually cover only the most popular ones. That’s why you should look for a betting website that also covers some of the smaller events. Otherwise, you might end up in a situation where you won’t be able to bet on your favorite sport until the next big tournament begins.

However, betting on smaller events is risky because some of them might be “plagued” by the match-fixing problem. So, make sure you learn as much information about the given event before you place your bet. Apart from the participating teams, you also need to check which is the organizer and whether it was involved in any scandals before. Match-fixing is a huge problem in some parts of the world, so you always need to be on the lookout.

There should be various bonuses

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Apart from the regular bonuses that should be available (welcome promo, reload offers, etc.), you need to look for special eSports rewards. There are all sorts of promos that bookies can come up with. For example, we’ve seen places where bettors will get bonus cash if they successfully predict a certain number of matches from a particular tournament.

Once you find a promo that you are interested in, you have to go through its terms and conditions. The first thing that you need to look for is the minimum deposit requirement (if this condition is available) because unless you comply with it, you won’t be able to claim the reward.

The next two crucial conditions that you need to know are the wagering requirement and the maximum allowed bet. Most sports bonuses (including those for eSports) don’t have such a high rollover condition, but when it comes down to the maximum bet, it is usually around $5, which should be noted.

An efficient customer support department

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The next thing that every eSports bookie should have is a good customer support department. Those of you who have previous betting experience probably won’t need to use it as often, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t need it at all.

Once you check all of the available contact options, make sure you put each one to the test. Ask all sorts of questions, and wait to see what kind of answers you’ll get. If the support team is good, you should get an in-depth answer shortly.

Besides random questions, you can also try to ask for additional information about some of the given bookie’s services. Depending on the answer that you’ll get, you can determine whether the customer support department is a part of the operator or is the bookie using the services of companies that provide customer support services.

Good reputation in the gaming community

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This is as important as the other things that we’ve mentioned in this article, but sadly, most bettors don’t bother to look for this information. Even though the eSports industry is huge, gamers usually have their own communities where they can share their experiences and discuss various topics. Perhaps the best example is Reddit, but there are many other websites like it.

If you want to have the best possible eSports betting experience, you should find a bookie that people talk about. Apart from the fact that this operator is legit, this also means that it provides high-quality services to its customers.

Don’t forget that there will always be mean comments about someone, so don’t focus on them. However, if the majority of the comments are negative, you should probably look for another online eSports bookie.

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