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Everything You Need To Know About Chemises

What a woman wears is her medium for self-expression, self-love, confidence, feminine dominance, and power. What they put on is what they put out in the world. Lingerie has become a tool for women to express their beauty, sexiness, and femininity.

Chemises are one of those tools that can make a woman feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Today, designer lingerie is becoming a fad, and chemises are a part of this fast-sailing boat. In recent years, chemises of different styles and designs have been made by different lingerie brands all over the world. Choosing the right chemise may be overwhelming for some women because of the countless choices in the market. This article aims to answer what chemises are, how to choose the right one, and why every woman needs a chemise.

What are Chemises?

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A Chemise is a woman’s modern dress that used to be a smock or shirt worn underclothing. It was originally used as an undergarment to keep body oils and sweat from spreading and staining to the outer clothing. There are different types of chemises that you can choose from such as Natori.com, Cotton chemises, or Satin chemises to name a few. In the olden times, women wore a chemise as a shirt under their gowns. But today, the modern chemise has developed into two things – a woman’s sleepwear and lingerie under formal outfits.

In recent years, designer chemises began popping out from different brands as a fashion statement. Now known as Slips, chemises are now made into loose dresses and usually come in various revealing fabrics and silhouettes. Today, they are made up of different styles, designs, and fabrics for every woman. But, how do you choose the right chemise that’s for you?

Choosing the Right Chemises

When choosing the right chemistry, you have to take into account four important points. You have to make sure that the chemise you are buying is the right size for you, it is made from the right material, it is comfortable yet stylish, and when is the appropriate time and place to wear it. With these points considered, you will be able to select the perfect chemistry for you.

Pick the Right Size For You

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When you are shopping for a chemise, picking the right size that fits you is important. The easiest way to know what size fits you is by selecting your normal dress size. A looser size that is enough for you to move but still compliments your body shape is a good choice as well. Whatever size you choose, make sure that it keeps you functional, comfortable, and sexy about your body.

Choose the Right Material

Chemises come in different materials. From silk to cotton to satin and more, there are a lot of options to choose from. Determining the right material for your chemistry relies on your purpose and preference. If you are going for a seductive, sexy look, the silk chemise is an ideal choice. If you want a balance of sexy and comfort, we recommend you to get satin chemise. But, if you are only after comfort for sleepwear, then the cotton chemise is the best pick.

Choose a Balance of Comfort and Style

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When choosing anything, comfort should always be before style. You would think that there is no difference when it comes to selecting the chemise that is right for you. But, for pieces like this, it is ideal to have a balance of both. Think about functionality and sexiness. Selecting the right chemise should be comfortable to move, but at the same time, stylish enough that it makes you feel sexy and powerful.

Consider When and Where to Use It

Before purchasing your chemise, you first have to determine where and when you will be wearing it. Are you planning to use it for sleep or outside fashion? If you will be using it as sleepwear, we recommend that you choose a shorter chemise to give you more freedom to move at night. But, if you are planning to use it for outside fashion, then we recommend an opaque satin or silk chemise with lace cutouts in the necessary places.

Why Do You Need Chemistry?

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Every woman should have a chemise in their wardrobe. Regardless if it is for sleepwear or for professional outdoor use, there is a chemise made especially for you. From making you feel sexy to keeping you warm and cool during the seasons to keeping you comfortable at night, a chemise will serve its purpose. This hard-working, versatile lingerie is a must-have for every woman to use personally and professionally.

Personal Use

Chemistry can make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. When it comes to comfortability, this undergarment has no restrictions and instead flows naturally. This lingerie will also enhance the confidence of any woman because of its capability to make them feel sexy.

Professional Use

A chemise is not just made for indoor, sleepwear. This stylish lingerie can also be used in a professional setting. Wearing a chemise under your business attire gives a feminine and confident touch to your outfit.


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Chemises are one of many lingerie options to choose from. They are silk, cotton, or satin dresses that you can use as sleepwear or for outdoor outfits. When it comes to choosing the right chemistry for you, three points must be considered. You have to choose the right size and material that best fits your body and needs. Choosing the right chemise that has a perfect balance of style and comfort, especially if you are deciding which one to get depending on your purpose. Regardless if it is for professional or personal use, there is a chemise that is right for you.

If you are looking for high-quality chemises, then purchase your designer chemises from Natori. This worldwide lingerie brand offers all kinds of chemises for every size, shape, and preference for the modern woman. Purchase your lingerie now from Natori!

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