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What Construction Teams Should be Telling Property Owners About Caulking – 7 Vital Facts

Caulking is not the most talked about topic in construction, so let’s just clarify. This is the process of sealing gaps with caulk, which is a flexible, but very durable material. It’s necessary in various places in the average home, from sealing gaps around windows, to making sure water doesn’t seep into gaps in the bathroom wall or around your kitchen sink.

Furthermore, floor caulking gives a great finish to any room and should the floor get wet, it helps too. With no cracks or gaps between the floor and the wall, moisture can’t reach the subfloor.

You probably already see the necessity of caulking as part of any building project, but let’s highlight vital facts that all property owners should actually know. Hopefully your builder explained some of this to you?

Caulking Matters in Almost Every Room of Your House

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Perhaps you’re aware that you’re supposed to check the caulk in your bathroom, as it’s often more obvious in these spaces. But caulking is relevant in most rooms, especially if your home’s construction made floor caulking necessary. Also, in the kitchen it’s an efficient way to make sure gaps between the wall, sink, work surfaces and cupboards don’t allow water to seep in where it shouldn’t.

Caulking Helps Keep Pests Out

Moisture is of course a main reason why caulking is important, but don’t forget the critters out there! That layer of caulk can also help keep pests out, such as ants or other insects that often gain access if there’s a gap between the wall and the window itself.

It May be Time to Redo Your Caulking

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Even if caulking was done correctly when your home was built, it doesn’t mean it’s in the same condition anymore. For one thing, are you sure quality products were used?

Even quality caulking needs to be checked and perhaps redone, as it can crack or start peeling. This creates gaps that need to be filled up to once again safeguard your home.

You Can’t Afford to Skimp on Caulking

If you do realise that your home needs caulking redone, don’t simply accept the first quote you can get. You do need to vet different vendors and pick one that can assure you of the following:

  • Excellent workmanship to ensure a sleek finish
  • Only using high quality caulk products that will last a long time, and don’t have to be replaced again in the near future
  • Skilled workers who understand where and how the caulking needs to be done to ensure an optimal seal

Caulking Affects Aesthetics

Above we mentioned that you can get a sleek finish, and this is more important than you think! You don’t want your eye drawn to messy caulking every time you enter a room or step into the shower, do you?

This small detail can be as important as picking the right hardware for the bathroom or selecting a paint colour. It adds to the overall effect, since some of the caulking will be clearly visible to the naked eye. Therefore, efficient work is as important as NEAT work.

Caulking Affects Property Value

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Now, because the way your caulking has been done affects how a room looks—especially to the trained eye—it can actually affect what your property is worth form a buyer’s perspective. Buyers are automatically willing to pay a little more if a property seems neat and well looked after.

Therefore, a small detail like getting floor or bathroom caulking done could help you get your asking price, should you ever sell your home.

Caulking Ensures Safer, Healthier Living Spaces

One of the main reasons the building of your house must include caulking is because it helps to prevent the growth of mildew. This can easily happen if the moisture of the bathroom seeps into a gap between a tiled floor and the wall. Moisture can transfer into the wall itself, help create mould and so result in a hygiene issue in your own house.

When mould and mildew grows it can affect the air quality, which could exacerbate allergies. If your eyes are itchy or your nose is stuffy and you don’t know why, it may be time to check the walls and the condition of your caulk.

Furthermore, window caulking ensures there’s minimal exchange of air between the inside and outside. You don’t have to fear icy cold air coming inside and making your family sick during winter times.

As a bonus, by sealing off your home, it’s easier to manage and maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

Final Words

Were you aware of the facts? When last did you check your caulking? Was it even done correctly?

Facts don’t lie! This is one topic you should always discuss with your builder and now you can make sure caulking is done the right way.

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