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How to Check if TV Aerial is Working – 2024 Guide

Having an issue with your channels while trying to watch your favorite show or the big game with your friends is extremely stressful. One of the most common TV aerial issues is the error message showing that there is no signal. We usually assume that there’s something wrong with the TV or that the signal is broken. The problem is, you cannot be sure unless you check if the antenna is working.

To save you a lot of time and stress, we created this guide. We are going to give you some tips on how to see if the antenna is working, what to do when it is not, and how to recognize if the device is the issue, or the provider is having troubles.

Are the connections okay?

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The first thing you want to do is check if the antenna is working on other devices. Sometimes the sockets can get loose and the connection may break. So, check to see if the connector is okay, and make sure that there’s no corrosion or rust.

In case everything is okay, and you’ve re-plugged things on both devices, then it is time to check if the TV is the problem. Connect the antenna with another television and check to see if you are still getting the same error message.

If you get a message saying there’s no signal again, we have some good and some bad news. Your television is completely fine and you don’t have to invest in a new one. The bad news is that the aerial might not be working.

Take the antenna back to the old TV and carefully connect every part. Just in case, scan the channels and see if that miraculously fixes everything.


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If the connectors are okay, there might be another issue that causes this trouble. In some cases, although it is rare, the cables may be the problem.

When a cable is damaged, you will have interruptions in the signal, and you may even experience seeing pixels. White noise is more common than getting the message that there’s no signal, but you should check the cables, as they are an easy fix.

You already know how to do this – either buy a new cable for this specific purpose, with the right connectors on both sides, or you can do this on your own with an older cable.

You need to take connectors from the cable you are using now and transfer them to another one. Be careful when you do this, and use the right tools. If you don’t have the tools needed, don’t peel the ends of the cable off with a knife. You need a specific pair of pliers to do this. Be extremely careful, and if you are not sure how to do it, it is better to buy the right type of cable for your devices.

Once you are done with this task, you should plug things back in and check to see if everything is working. If it is, then great, your antenna is not broken. If you still get the same message on your TV, we have some other options to check.

Check the TV

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The next thing you want to do is to check things out with something that’s definitely working. Take your TV and move it to a socket that you know is working.

Plug things in and see if the channels are back without an issue. Remember that for this test, you will have to run the scan feature. If you don’t do this, you will get the same error message.

According to mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk, if the original transmitter is not working properly, then you will get an error message every time you do the scan. The good news is that this problem can be easily fixed with the right service.

So, once you check the TV, and if you still get the same notification, then the problem is not with your TV but the antenna and possibly transmitter. Contact a service, or your provider and let them know about the problems you are facing.

Use a tester

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There is one other thing you can do to find out the root of the problem. It is the most complex thing you have to do, but it is not too difficult to do it.

For this check, you are going to need an aerial tester. These devices can easily be found on the market, and they cost between $10 and $50 depending on the make and model. You can also find a lot of them in a second-hand shop, and they are a lot cheaper, but you can never know if the device is working properly unless you buy it brand new.

The only thing you need to do is connect the tester with your antenna and see if the light goes off. The device will also give you information on the signal strength, so you will be able to check if the signal is really weak, or if there is something else that’s wrong. In case you don’t have a tester in your home, and you don’t have time to buy one, you can just call the service, and they will come and inspect the aerial.

You should know that you will also need an F-plug because these devices usually require this kind of plug. You don’t need a lot of skills and knowledge to do this check, and if you get a tester once you will be able to use it every time, an aerial issue occurs.

If you notice the signal strength is weak, then you can just reposition the antenna, move it away from electronic devices and check to see if that fixes the problem.

In case everything else fails, it is better for you to just contact your provider and ask them if there is an issue they are working on. In case you are the only person who’s experiencing this, then they will send a team who will take care of your issue.

No matter what’s going on with your television or aerial, there is always a solution. You should not get stressed, and you should know that everything will be back to normal in less than a day.

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