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How to Make Sure The Anniversary Gift You Give This Year Gets the Desired Effect

Some of us are just not good at remembering important dates, and it can often lead to being on the receiving end of some much-deserved anger from our partners, wives, and husbands.

It isn’t necessarily the case that we don’t value the importance of the date and what it represents, but we may just be busy with other matters, and we then notice, usually at the last minute, the error we have made.

This usually leads to a cursory and sub-standard gift that is frankly worse than no gift at all, and now is the time to reverse this trend. Maybe you are in a very long-term relationship, and after a while, you run out of ideas, or perhaps the person you are buying for is just a very tough person to purchase gifts for.

Whatever the reason, or excuse, it’s clear this isn’t a situation you want to find yourself in every year. Remembering and celebrating significant anniversaries is a great way to show someone just how much you care for them, and failing to do so in a true and considered way will only serve to start an argument or ill feeling.

So here are some ways to make sure you don’t have to walk that path.

Plan Ahead

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The key to getting a romantic gift is timing. Set yourself a reminder, perhaps even more than one, starting a week or two before the big day, then get yourself into action. Create some form of a countdown that gets your planning started.

When setting such reminders, be sure to factor in delivery times or indeed find a window of opportunity for you to shop in a store long before the important date appears on the horizon.

Buy Online

Getting your loved one a gift online not only offers up a near limitless field of opportunities, but it’s also, on the whole, less expensive to buy via the internet. Additionally, some niches and gift types just cost far less due to the industry being more geared to the process online.

One such example is the jewelry field. Say, for instance, you want to get a stylish initial necklace; if you went to your local jeweler, you’d probably not find a wide range of options, and the increase in cost when it comes to buying from a physical store is so much higher than buying online. Click here for more information.

Do Your Research

Buying a gift online also gives you the chance to shop around, and in doing so, you’ll find not only the best presents but also the best deals. Just because it’s an anniversary that doesn’t mean you should ignore significant savings, on top of which you may be able to splash out even more if your budget allows for the extra gifts.

Researching online, you’ll find which sites are reliable when it comes to delivery, and you might also learn that their products aren’t as great as they appear. At the very least, do a basic search to see what others are saying about the online store you may choose to use.

Drop Hints and Secure Vital Information

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In an ideal world, the person you are buying an anniversary gift for will have told you directly, in no uncertain terms, precisely what they want. Now, this may take some of the spontaneity out of the equation, but you will at least be getting them exactly what they want.

Sadly, we are often left to make our own judgment calls, and that can lead to us failing miserably. Indeed if you are buying some elegant lingerie, for instance, you’ll need to have all the correct measurements (and believe me, you don’t want to mess that up).

There is no harm in coming out and asking the question directly or at least some guidance to help steer you in the right direction.

Really Think About It

Take the time to really think about what your partner, wife, or husband would want, be very considerate in your approach and don’t just make snap decisions or buy the first thing that catches your attention.

This is also an excellent way to ask yourself just how well you know your loved one; for some of us, that may be a question we haven’t thought about for far too long. This perhaps says more about you than your partner, wife, or husband.

Use Your Anniversary as a Helpful Guide

Every anniversary comes with a traditional gift type, and this can be a reliable way to get your brain working in the right gear. For instance, for those of you marking the ninth anniversary, this would be leather. For the fifth, it’s silverware.

Clearly, you can just use this as inspiration, and you can be creative in the way you choose to adopt traditional or modern themes.


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Whatever type of present you have planned, be that a great gift or some kind of experience (such as a surprise weekend break), you’ll be able to add further weight to the occasion if you offer the gift with an element of surprise.

Obviously, if you always forget to get an anniversary gift, or phone it in every year, then the fact that you’ve even tried harder this year may be a surprise in itself. Try to be romantic in your delivery, and most importantly of all, make sure that you make your loved one feel special.

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