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Which Alcoholic Drink Has The Most Calories

Alcoholic drinks are poison for our bodies. But you have the option to choose the poison of your choice. What if you are taking them to forget someone you once loved and the drink makes you fat? Alcoholic drinks do contain some amount of sugar and sometimes too much sugar. This will take away your charm and your ex won’t regret leaving you. So why not choose the right poison for you?

After all, all you want is to enjoy yourself. So choose the drink that is right for your body. You don’t want to become fatty only to forget someone who does not deserve you. And forget about it. Even if you are at a party, sometimes you forget about your diet and have drinks. However, you should be careful with them otherwise, you will get your diet and exercise to go in vain.

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Here is a list of some of the alcoholic beverages and their calorie count. Pay attention to the detail and beware of the high caloric drinks next time.

1. Everclear – booze

img source: exactdn.com

This is one of the super-strong booze drinks with 95 percent alcohol content. So with 190 proof, you will get 285 calories with every shot of 1.5 ounces. Sounds scary right? A single 1.5-ounce shot will result in increasing your calorie count.

2. Schnapps – distilled beverage

Unlike Everclear Schnapps have only 15 percent alcoholic content i.e. 30 proof. However, the sugar content is too high in this fruit punch. A single shot will cost you, 195 caloric count.

3. Gin

img source: sipsmith.com

Gin is also a distilled alcoholic drink with two variants. One of them has 80 proof and the other one has 94 proof. So if you take a drink of 80 proof Gin (1.5 oz or 45 ml), you will have 97 calories. On the other hand, with 94 proof Gin (1.5 oz/ 45 ml), you will take 116 calories.

4. Beers

Beers are available in three forms light, regular and craft beer which is high in alcohol. Therefore, with the alcohol content, their calorie count also varies. A 12 oz or 355 ml of light Beer will have 103 calories. While a regular beer of the same size will have 153 calories.

However, if you go with craft beer, it has the highest alcohol content among the three. The same drink size of 355 ml or 12 oz will have a calorie range from 170 to 350.

5. Rum

img source: terminalgastrobar.rs

Rum is one of the most common distilled alcohol that alcoholics consume. It also comes in 2 variants. One is with 80 proof and the other one is with 94 proof. However, unlike the previous ones, the more alcohol content decreases the calories count. Therefore, a 1.5 oz or 45 ml drink of 80 proof Rum has 197 caloric count. On the other hand, 94 proof Rum has only 116 caloric count.

6. Whiskey and Vodka

Both of these have a similar amount of calories in each drink. An 80 proof vodka and Whiskey have 97 calories in a 45 ml shot. While a 94 proof shot will have 116 calories for a 45 ml drink.

Some other liqueurs

Apart from these, there are some other drinks and cocktails and mock-tails that have a high caloric count. The list of these include;

7. Crème de menthe

img source: thegoodlifefrance.com

This drink comes with 72 proof and a 45 ml shot of Crème de menthe has 186 to 187 calories. So although you can have a taste of amazing liquor, you will also intake too much caloric count.

8. Coffee liqueur

The coffee liqueur has a bit of low caloric count. So if you are taking a shot of 45 ml i.e. 1.5 oz, you will get 160 calories.

However, if you take the same drink with cream, the caloric count decrease unexpectedly. So you will have only 154 calories.

9. Blood Mary

img source: alushlifemanual.com

Bloody Mary has a relatively less caloric count. Therefore, a shot of 4.6 oz i.e. 136 ml will bring 120 calories. Therefore, you can have more shots of this drink as compared to the other ones.

10. Mimosa

It is also a low caloric drink that brings only 75 calories in a 120 ml (4 oz) shot. So if you are at a party and want to drink but not gain calories, Mimosa can be your best choice.

11. White Russian

img source: thespruceeats.com

This is the drink that you have to avoid at all costs if you love your body. A 235 ml (8 oz) shot of White Russian will bring 568 calories to your body. This is the highest number of calories that a drink will cost.

12. White table wine

Wines do not have many calories. You can choose any wine because 5 oz and 145 ml of any wine have around 122 to 160. White table wine on the other hand costs you 128 calories.

13. Muscat and Riesling

img source: meredithcorp.io

Muscat and Riesling have only 129 calories in 145 ml drink.

14. Red table wine

One of the highest consumed wine is the red table wine that cost you 125 calories for 145 ml.

15. Dry dessert wine and red dessert wine

img source: ltkcdn.net

Among various wines, dry dessert has the highest caloric count. Therefore, the shot size is also 90 ml i.e. 3.5 oz. So when you take a glass of dry dessert wine, you will gain 157 calories.

Likewise, the red dessert wine also costs you 165 caloric count in the same drink size.

Bottom line

You have the caloric count of many different drinks that you come across during parties. However, if you are worried about your weight and physique, you should pay more attention to the drinks.

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