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Take a U-turn and Start a New Life

The life of a human is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it takes the wrong turn. Important is to take a U-turn and come back to the normal path which will lead to progression and prosperity. The same situation is with those people who face some ups and downs in life like a financial burden, trauma, career stress, bad company, rebellious attitude, or isolation. They lose track of normal life and start doing drugs due to misconceptions that it will relieve stress. At this point, an addict has to take a U-turn and have to try to become an addiction-free person. A free life is very important. This life is given to us by God. He gave us a free life so why should we bind our body with addictions? Here we have a guide on how a person can be back to addiction-free life with the support of a detox center.

Aims and process of detoxification

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When people get addicted to alcohol or any other form of drugs, the very first step which should be given to our body is detoxification. Detoxification of the body is critical but gives a new life to the body of an addicted person. Every individual who gets himself admitted is assessed through his personal needs. The medical staff and professional doctors make an individualized plan which will cater to the needs of that particular addicted person. As we know, the body of every person functions differently so individual care is necessary. Throughout the cure journey, the expert staff stays with the patient and understands the body needs of the addicted person. They are well experienced; know the feelings, emotions, and needs of addicted patients.  Detox cleanses the body and gives a kick start to a healthy body. Throughout the recovery journey, the patient has to follow assigned treatment designed exclusively for him. The individualized treatment works like a magic and helpsthe patient in building a connection with healthy curable life. The staff is 24/7 with the addicted person to help and guide him during the withdrawal process. In a detox center, the treatment takes place in two steps.

  • In the first step, the aim is to make the body of the patient stable and bring withdrawal symptomsunder control through detoxification. Through this process, the body becomes toxins-free and the addicted patient is now ready to move towards the next step which is the Residential Program also known as RTC.
  • The next step is to be admitted at RTC that is a residential treatment program as well. This step aims to trigger the psychological issues because, in reality, addiction is a mind game. The main work is to make a patient understand that he has to create control in his mind. The patient has to deal with the cravings and the therapies at the detox center help in increasing control. The foremost objective is to give individual care and use various techniques so the person can heal and focus on healthy living. This process is taken place at the residence of the detox center. The center is provided with a lot of amenities and comforts which further help in the healing process. You can find more info here.

So as we can see that treatment takes place in two divisions. The first division hits the working of the body and the second one aims at the mind that is to control the cravings for drugs. In this way, the patient leaves the detox residence with a healthy body and mind. The stay at the center also facilitates the chances of relapse. A safe and supervised environment helps the person to be skillful and confident in life. And most importantly, only a healthy body can beat drug addictions.

Insurance facilities

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Finance the important constraint while having treatment is also facilitated by detox centers. The staff at the detox center is always there to answer the queries and tell you about how your insurance can provide a benefit while treatment. Many centers deduct the actual amount to lower your pocket expense but it depends on the care level needed for your patient. The aim is to focus on patient recovery instead of money.

Disadvantage of technology

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Technology has entered our life with so many advancements and benefits but along with it, it has also given an ugly side to life. Technology has given rise to the use of combination drugs in which two or more drugs are mixed for increasing the intensity. In old times, detox was easy because people only consumed a singular drug at a time. Now, the situation has a second face, and people smoke combination drugs which increases the time of the detox process and welcomes harsh withdrawal process. People mix heavy drugs with fentanyl, methamphetamines, and bath salts. Individuals while smoking the drugs never think about how lethal this drug is for their body and it will make the life of a person complex.

Game of treatment

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Like technology, the detox centers also have changed the treatment game and ways. They understand the mixture of drugs and know-how to safely detoxify those lethal drugs. The close affection of staff and professionals with the team ensures an easy treatment and the patient won’t suffer anymore medication, counseling, and therapies to support the patient and in few days patient is back to normal life. After treatment, the patient knows the value of life and is also given a guide on how to control if others are using drugs in front of him. An important piece of advice for the patients and their families is to never compare yourself and your loved one condition with anyone. Everybody is made differently. The medicine which suits one person may not suits the other one. This is the reason why the staff gives a tailor-made plan that is specifically designed for a single individual according to his condition and the effect that drugs have given to his body. According to the treatment level, sometimes the dose is of high intensity and sometimes of low intensity. So let them do their work without interfering.

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