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4 Tips for Creating a Kid-Friendly Restaurant

A huge piece of eatery clients are families with small kids, and a large number of them consider kid benevolence while picking a foundation. Statistical surveying indicates that restaurant attendees with kids younger than 12 records more than $17 billion in eatery spending each year.

Guardians have to face various challenges when they bring their little ones into a restaurant. But if that place offers approaches to keep kids cheerful and engaged, the guardians, as well as the kids, will feel more welcoming and will more frequently visit your site.

If you own such a restaurant and want to generate more profits, it would be beneficial for you to create a kid-friendly space so that most of your visits can have a satisfactory and delightful experience. If you are not sure how you can make such a space, do not worry because we have got you covered.

In this article, we will share various tips that can help you build a kid-friendly restaurant. It will not only help in boosting your sales but also help you provide better customer service. In case you are looking for more insights related to it, then consider checking out Moduplay.


Before you think of building a kid-friendly eatery, always prioritize setting your objectives and budget first. It won’t be easy to find the right direction to set up your business without defining your goal. Apart from this, identify who your customers are. After analyzing all these steps, you are ready to begin the upgrade process.

  1. Include healthier meal options in the menu for kids:

Img source: mybaba.com

Due to the rising issue of obesity, especially amongst children, parents are so concerned about their health and what they consume. Therefore, guardians make sure that their children get to eat only healthy food. Nowadays, they prefer clean food items rather than the french fries or chicken nuggets that children love.

It would be a great strategy to attract customers to your restaurant if you have healthy meal options in your menu specially designed for the kids. Such food items should include veggies, grilled chicken served with broccoli, fruit slices, etc. Remember that the food you conform to the kids must not be spicy or have any bitter taste. Therefore try to keep it simple and healthy.

Apart from this, you should take care of the presentation of the food as well. Every child has a habit of getting attracted to a thing that looks good. They hardly prefer giving it a try to the meals that do not look appealing to them. Therefore, presentation is another factor that you must keep in mind while serving healthy meals to children.

  1. Training your staff members:

Img source: unsplash.com

Another important aspect is training your staff members to treat children with graciousness and regard them the same way they do with grown-ups. Any indication of irritation to a youngster from the staff’s side won’t be difficult to stow away, and your clients may never return.

Your staff should regard a kid’s requirements and not be impolite or anxious with them; else, it’s a horrible idea to have a play region in the eatery if your servers are not ready to oblige them. Therefore, it is essential to train the staff and make them capable of serving large families and their kids. Some of the tips to provide training to your team are:

  • Train them to ask the kids straightforwardly what they are looking for to eat and trust that the guardians will support it.
  • Educate them concerning a play region if present or give them a few exercises like shading books and coloured pencils, arcade games or toys while the order is being handled.
  • Please inquire as to whether they need anything like a high-seat, additional table or plates.
  • Bring the food to the table as quickly as possible because eager children easily tend to go out of control.
  1. Arrange the basket of games or books for them:

Img source: floridatoday.com

Arranging a bunch of books or games is another good way to keep the children engaged. Indeed, guardians likely have a couple of books close behind for this very explanation; nonetheless, the 4-year old that can get up from the table, pick his book from the local area container, and return to the table autonomously, presently has some task to do.

When the kids are engaged in playing games or reading books, then their mind gets busy. Keeping their mind busy is an advantage for you while you are preparing food for them. Otherwise, they tend to get out of control when they don’t have anything to do.

  1. Add a playful zone:

Img source: unsplash.com

Adding fun and a great indoor play region is one more approach to attract families to your eatery and increment deals. If you offer an intriguing method to play, kids who visit your place will request that their folks take them there once more. Considering that more than 40% of guardians let their children pick where they ought to eat, that is why it will be worthy of focusing on their kid.

An assigned play zone allows kids an opportunity to play openly, consume energy and stay cheerful when they go out to eat. Guardians appreciate playing zones, too, because they also get a chance to relax while the kids play. Ensure your eatery’s play region is not so far from the tables so guardians can generally watch out for their children.


Remember that everything you incorporate in your restaurant should be safe for the children. Try to fix all the sharp corners and open attachments. Be careful while cleaning floors and introduce non-dangerous tiles if conceivable.

Be careful about delicate utensils in the feasting region. Check the play region every day for sharp items and little toys as a safety measure to gagging. Please keep it clean and screen the toys, pencils, and pastels too.

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