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32 Hilarious Things You Can Find in School Textbooks

Whether by design or accident, the information in these school textbooks will make you do a double-take.

Something Odd in the Engineering Textbook


Word ‘Trouble’ in a Racist German Dictionary


Tom Who is About to Show Something Interesting


First Known Picture Of Michael Phelps

Can a skunk turn into a raccoon?

Expensive Textbook Using Watermarked Istock Photos


Invisible Man


Science Textbook in China




Egypt in South America


Horse, child … wait

Your mom is dead

American Nuclear Family




This Cat That’s Seen Terrible Things


Sexiest Rectangle in the Math Textbook


Cooking babies

Drawing in the Psychoanalysis Textbook



Something that AFC West Fans Would Enjoy


Justin Bieber in Psychology Textbook


“Who am I” in Psychology Textbook


The History of North Korean For Use in Schools


Statistics Textbook Making Fun of a Crippling, Destructive Disease


Good Reason to Learn A Function


Textbook Level: Chernobyl


Weird Illustration from English Textbook in Korea


Easy Way to Remember the Colors


Experiences “That Might Not Be Advisable in Real Life”


A Man Doing Drugs


4 F’s


Term-To-Term Rules


A Woman Saying “Hello” in French to a Couple in a Bush

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